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TSplus has announced the release of LTS 15 and 16 versions, featuring an important modification to the automatic SSL/TLS certificate generation. This update is designed to align with Let's Encrypt's transition to a shorter chain of trust, enhancing security protocols for their valued partners.

Let's Encrypt, a widely trusted certificate authority, is scheduled to cease using "DST Root CA X3" as their root CA, instead adopting their own "ISRG Root X1." This transition, set to occur before the expiration of the "DST Root CA X3" certificate on September 30th, emphasizes Let's Encrypt's commitment to robust security standards.

Effective February 8th, Let's Encrypt will discontinue providing certificates with a long chain of trust by default. TSplus, always concerned about its users’ data security, urges all LTS customers to upgrade to the latest LTS version to ensure seamless functionality and security compliance. It is recommended that users recreate their certificates to ensure compatibility with the new short chain of trust.

This modification to certificate generation is already incorporated into TSplus V17, reinforcing their dedication to proactive security measures.

In the event that users’ device cannot recognize the new certificate, it may be necessary to add the "ISRG Root X1" root certificate to their Windows trust store. Detailed instructions can be found on Microsoft website: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/skype-sdk/sdn/articles/installing-the-trusted-root-certificate

For more information about Let's Encrypt's certificates and the transition to the "ISRG Root X1," please visit Let's Encrypt's website .

TSplus will keep enforcing its commitment to security as they continue to enhance their Remote Access solutions.

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