TSplus Announces Strategic Partnership with IONOS in France

TSplus, a French software publisher and expert in remote access solutions and server application security, announces a strategic partnership in France with IONOS, the European leader in web hosting and cloud solutions.
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Paris, February 2, 2024 – TSplus, one of the leading providers of remote access solutions, continues to expand its activities in France with the official announcement of its partnership with IONOS, the European leader in web hosting and cloud solutions.

This collaboration will enable IONOS customers to benefit from enhanced remote access capabilities through TSplus solutions. The primary goal of this partnership is to offer users efficient, secure, and sovereign remote access solutions aligned with European standards for data privacy.

This agreement will allow IONOS customers to easily integrate “Remote Access,” TSplus’ remote access solution, into their dashboard, thus providing a seamless and centralized user experience.

TSplus solutions, which offer an intuitive and user-friendly interface, will allow users to navigate easily and make the most of their remote access experience.

Francois Stoop, in charge of TSplus operations in France, stated,

We are delighted to partner with IONOS in this strategic partnership. This collaboration marks an important step for TSplus in France as we extend our industry-leading remote access solutions to IONOS customers. Together, we are providing businesses with the tools they need to improve productivity and enable smooth remote work experiences. We look forward to seeing the positive impact this partnership will have on all users.”

Thomas Brown, Senior Channel Account Manager at IONOS, adds,

By joining forces with TSplus, IONOS strengthens its commitment to digital sovereignty. This strategic partnership offers our customers a gateway to innovative remote access solutions, compliant with European privacy standards. Together, we provide a seamless user experience, enabling businesses to optimize their productivity in a remote work environment.”

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