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Recent incidents have underscored the critical vulnerabilities present in platforms such as ConnectWise ScreenConnect, leaving organizations susceptible to malicious exploitation. As reported by TechTarget, ransomware gangs, including Black Basta and Bl00dy threat actors, have been observed exploiting these vulnerabilities, posing significant risks to businesses worldwide.

TSplus Advanced Security: An Effective Response to Modern Cyber Threats

Every day, thousands of companies across the globe embark on deploying Windows VPS or dedicated Windows servers in cloud environments to meet their operational needs. Amidst the convenience of setting up cloud servers and accessing them remotely, lies a hidden peril. From the moment a cloud hosting company provisions a new server, it becomes a target for malicious actors scouring for vulnerabilities. Automated bots relentlessly probe for open ports, particularly targeting Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) access. Once an exposed system is identified, hackers exploit weak credentials, gaining unauthorized access within minutes. In response to ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape and these growing cybersecurity concerns, TSplus has developed TSplus Advanced Security. This groundbreaking solution is meticulously crafted to fortify cloud-hosted environments against emerging threats, ensuring the highest level of protection for organizations.

TSplus Advanced Security Empowers Users with Proactive Cybersecurity Measures

In the relentless battle against cyber threats, TSplus Advanced Security stands as a beacon of proactive cybersecurity measures. As organizations navigate the complexities of remote access and cloud adoption, investing in robust security solutions becomes indispensable. Cybersecurity is not merely an option; it is an essential aspect of modern IT infrastructure management. Real-time monitoring and protection offered by TSplus Advanced Security are unparalleled. With the capability to thwart over 40 attempted RDP sessions by hackers in a single day, TSplus ensures cloud-hosted servers remain safeguarded against unauthorized access attempts. As businesses embrace the digital transformation journey, TSplus remains committed to empowering users with cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions. With TSplus Advanced Security, organizations can fortify their defenses, ensuring resilience against evolving cyber threats in today's dynamic threat landscape. For more information, visit TSplus Advanced Security website .

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