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One of the first choices, when it comes to hosting a website, is whether to use collocated servers or dedicated servers. In fact, if you haven’t had to take this sort of decision before, you may not even know the difference between the two.

Servers - Colocated or Dedicated?

There are several differences to be found between collocated servers and dedicated servers. What’s more, the different functions of each may make one option more or less attractive to a website developer or to another agent. Many companies will offer their customers the use of either a dedicated or collocated server. Several advantages and disadvantages will become evident with each type of service. Ultimately, the decision generally rests with the website developer according to their needs for the website.

Differences between Colocated Servers and Dedicated Servers

The main difference between a collocated server and a dedicated server is the ownership of the server. With a dedicated server, the user is provided with exclusive use of a server that is owned by another entity, generally the hosting provider A collocated server is owned by the user and is housed in a rental space along with the servers of many other companies and individuals.

In other words, with a dedicated server you rent the server and with a collocated server, you rent the space to house your server. Each option is more cost effective than purchasing and housing the server on your own, but there are major differences in what you can and cannot do with the equipment.

Dedicated Servers

With a dedicated server, you have exclusive access to the server. Therefore, you can place any software, content, or applications on the server. Your choice is the key. Websites that use dedicated servers also have a higher reliability and can handle a great deal more traffic than sites that are hosted on shared servers. Moreover, with a dedicated server, any issues that arise with the server are the responsibility of the company from whom you are renting the server. Please, note that this could be a good or bad thing.

One of the biggest disadvantages to a dedicated server is that you only own the data on the server, not the server itself. Consequently, if you are dissatisfied with the service provided, you may have little recourse until your contract expires.

Colocated Server

Then you have collocated servers. One of their biggest advantages is that you own and have full access to the server at any time. The applications can be run from a remote location while the server is housed in a secure facility with an uninterruptible power supply, internet connectivity, and increased security features. Additionally, opting for the server to be collocated frees up valuable space on business premises, that would be needed to house the server. Thus, it allows co-leasers to split the cost of utilities between all those with servers housed in the zone or building. Yet, bear in mind that the biggest disadvantage to collocated servers is that all issues, maintenance, and needed repairs to the server must be handled on your own.

Choosing between Colocated and Dedicated Servers

Which one do I need for my business? The answer depends mostly on your budget and the technical expertise you have available in-house. If you are a small company that is unable to handle the cost of collocation or to provide the necessary IT experience, then dedicated servers are likely to be your best choice. On the other hand, if you have the budget and the know-how, you may not hesitate long before opting for co-located servers and the freedom they bring.

Remember to Monitor Your Colocated and Dedicated Servers - in All Simplicity

Whichever choice you make, servers need surveillance. TSplus, as a software developer, has built Server Monitoring as a simple, efficient and affordable tool for server surveillance. Our team pride themselves in having developed and designed a user-friendly and ergonomic console to monitor both servers and websites.

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