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Supposing that you’ve gone that long way through from choosing the right hosting provider to uploading the final files to your brand-new server. You then proceed with setting up a plethora of other small things like permissions, name-servers, email and ftp accounts.

Monitoring Tools for Servers and Websites

Any idea what some people forget or see as secondary while preparing everything, which becomes one of the most important things once websites or online businesses are launched? Quite simply website uptime and availability.

TSplus Server Monitoring is a tool to this paramount job. You need to make sure your servers and websites are on full form and also that you know if ever anything goes wrong. Indeed, it is not enough to know that a website is up at one point daily. To be really certain your website is accessible most of the time, you should monitor website and server uptime in a serious and consistent manner.

Finding Affordable and Reliable Website Monitoring Software

That’s why remote web site monitoring comes into play. The right software is simple and doesn’t need any technical skills to set up. Even thought you may find free monitoring subscriptions with third parties, they could bring up one of the greatest concerns nowadays: that is data privacy. Plus, the other question to come up could be how to monitor your sites if their service goes down.

Instant 24/7 Server and Website Monitoring

With TSplus Server Monitoring , you host the monitoring software and the license you buy is for life. No recurring payments, no data issues. It will start monitoring your websites and servers immediately. You can set the frequency of the surveillance you see live to get more or less detailed visibility of how your network is doing. Once you set up alerts, TSplus Server Monitoring will instantly alert you and your colleagues via email or Teams, about any website downtime and outage.

Tools for Website Monitoring - Cutting Downtime to the Minimum

Server Monitoring checks your site in almost the same manner as if you personally came to your web site to see that it is responding and returning proper content. Such monitoring participates in verifying that everything is responding properly and that you can react as rapidly and specifically as possible to any issue. The same goes for knowing your servers are up and fully functional.

With TSplus Server Monitoring , you can keep an eye on all the basics. For server, you see performances such as CPU use, Memory, Disk Write and Read percentages, as well as Process usage, Bandwidth and Users. Meanwhile, you can monitor websites for availability, response codes and response times.

Monitoring Websites and Servers Remotely for Shorter Downtime

A main advantage of remote monitoring is that wherever you are or whenever there is an issue, you will be notified so you can look for yourself. You can monitor the uptime of the servers and websites you set-up in your dashboard. What’s more, it does not matter where you are located or where they are hosted, how many locations this means in different parts of the world or different networks.

Server and Website Monitoring on the Right Scale, from SMBs up

TSplus software is built to be scalable in use and in price, starting with 1 server, then 5, then 10. That way you pay for what your business requires, and no more, then you can add as it grows.

Short and Long-Term Website Monitoring and Reporting

You can display Servers or Websites, concentrate on a single one of them, manage which are available to be monitored, add new ones or delete any. The statistics are never deleted so you may see daily, weekly, monthly, yearly uptime statistics and average response times for any period.

For the long run, instant information has to be compiled to get the bigger picture. TSplus Server Monitoring not only alerts you but bring together all surveillance statistics into reports. You can publish either a standard model or your customised versions. These, you can brand and tailor to your audience. You may not want to provide the same information to your IT team, the marketing or sales teams or the board. This is available in the Admin Console .

4 main questions about Server Monitoring:

  1. Is there free trial period? Yes, we offer a 15-day free trial for any of our software.

  2. What means of notifications are available? Email, Teams.

  3. At what frequency or interval do checks occur? Real-time. About 3 logs a minute.

  4. Any additional features? For servers: user presence and application usage, for both servers and websites: customisation of reports (appearance and content).

As a Conclusion on Server and Website Monitoring

Remember, an online business can be affected by as little as 10 minutes of daily downtime. Lost revenue and poor reputation are potential direct results. This is a good reason to monitor the availability of your websites and servers. Especially as monitoring them will provide you with peace of mind and help you give a better service to your users and visitors.

You are welcome to browse our product pages for more detail or directly download our software. All our products are available for a 15-day fully featured trial before purchase.

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