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Title of article Remote desktop monitoring software plays a crucial role in maintaining the health and performance of IT infrastructure, and TSplus Server Monitoring offers a comprehensive solution in this domain. It allows IT professionals to track the status of remote servers and websites in real-time, facilitating prompt issue identification and troubleshooting.

Remote Desktop and Network Monitoring Software

For networks, websites, server farms and combinations thereof, monitoring software is nowadays a must-have essential for most businesses. Whether the decision makers opt for DIY solutions or ready-made software, opensource or licensed, one off payment or on subscription, IT admins and their teams need a trustworthy way to keep an eye on the networks they oversee.

TSplus Server Monitoring provides a robust platform for monitoring and reporting, enabling you to gain insights into the overall health of your servers. By monitoring server health and user demands on your network, you can better provide for your users. Our tool empowers IT administrators to proactively address potential network problems even before they impact system performance and remote desktop access.

TSplus Server Monitoring Software Capabilities and Features

With features designed to maximize efficiency, TSplus Server Monitoring is aimed to meet the needs of IT professionals and businesses. The real-time monitoring capabilities allow for swift response to issues, contributing to a more seamless and reliable operation of remote servers.

Features fall under four broad categories:

Server features, website features, alerts management and the administration tool with customisation.

  • The server features provide real-time monitoring in the shape of performance monitoring, bandwidth usage, process usage and user connection monitoring. The second aspect of this is reporting and communication of reports : customisation of reports, report on performance, network usage and application usage as well as on concurrent sessions, user presence and user attendance.

  • That is it for server features. Website features include real-time monitoring, reporting for availability, response codes and response times.

  • Alerts management applies to servers and websites and these alerts can be customised according to the thresholds at which you need to be informed. Notifications are part of alerts and you can set these up according to reporting needs and audiences.

  • Admin tool features include one-click access to these features. Indeed, everything is in one place. You can manage each of your servers and websites and fine-tune both alerts and their thresholds right here. You can set emailing for the alerts and brand reports to your company colours, all from this handy dashboard.

5 Highlighted Features for Server and Website Monitoring

TSplus Server Monitoring boasts a range of features that contribute to its comprehensive, robust, efficient and reliable performance. Here are 5 key features in more detail:

  1. Real-Time Monitoring:

    Comprehensive and Robust: TSplus Server Monitoring offers real-time monitoring of servers and websites, providing a comprehensive view of your system's health. This robust feature ensures IT professionals have up-to-the-minute insights into the performance of their infrastructure including user sessions and other desktop related variables.

  2. Alerts and Notifications:

    Proactive and Efficient: The system employs preventative alerting mechanisms to promptly notify administrators of any irregularities or potential issues, contributing to the efficient management of the server environment. This proactive approach enables your IT teams to see how network and user presence evolve, letting them address problems swiftly.

  3. Performance Reporting:

    Tailored and Reliable: TSplus Server Monitoring generates detailed performance reports, allowing your business’ IT professionals to assess the historical performance of servers and usage. This tailored reporting system facilitates data-driven decision-making and ensures the reliable adapted evolution of your server infrastructure over time.

  4. Administration Dashboard:

    Swift and Intuitive: The software offers an intuitive administration console with direct access to the tabs and their great overview of critical metrics. The dashboard makes it quick and easy to add, modify, delete and observe both servers and websites. Because IT administrators can tailor the metrics to display the most relevant information for a given audience or purpose, they can also ensure a swift comprehensive understanding of the system's structure.

  5. Remote Access Integration:

    Centralised and Optimised: TSplus Server Monitoring seamlessly integrates with remote access capabilities, especially in the shape of TSplus Remote Access, centralising your network and remote server management. This integration allows administrators to oversee the remote desktop network and administration as well monitoring and addressing issues from anywhere. An easy step in contributing to an optimised responsive IT infrastructure.

In conclusion on Remote Desktop Monitoring Software

With its essential useful features, our remote desktop monitoring software remains intuitive to navigate and use while delivering a tailored professional real-time result. It puts at your fingertips all you need to keep your network in top shape and yourself and other teams informed so your remote desktops never miss a beat.

In summary, TSplus Server Monitoring encompasses features that align with a variety of needs in modern businesses. These attributes collectively make it a valuable tool for IT professionals seeking a comprehensive solution for monitoring and maintaining the health of their remote desktops, servers and websites.

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