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Whatever your reason for having one or more servers or websites, you are likely to need to keep an eye on their performance to make sure they are accessible and in full functioning order.

Server and Websites, a Global Commodity?

Managed Services Providers, IT Teams, IT Support rely on servers and websites for their business as well as day to day operations and to hold and manage their data. This is also increasingly true of public services, governmental or non-governmental organisations, charitable, academic, research or religious organisations, individuals plus countless other businesses, with no direct relation to IT.

Staying Operational With Internet, Servers and Websites

Internet is by far one of the most widespread tools for any business, organisation or group today, however small or large. It is therefore not uncommon for a great proportion of businesses, organisations and groups of all sizes to need to make sure their servers and websites are up and running smoothly, whether they own or lease them.

The Need for Simple Server Monitoring to Keep Updated on Servers and Websites

TSplus , as a company and team, is conscious of this heightened importance of the Internet and of so many aspects of IT. The target of developing simple efficient software is thus part of the company’s everyday aim. Simplicity has all its place in this current context.

Indeed, many people monitoring their websites or servers will be trained well-practiced IT technicians and agents used to the tools of their trade. Yet numerous others will not be up to date, have not got the technical knowledge but still need to keep on top of things somehow. And, whichever the situation, how often do staff teams have endless amounts of time to spend on learning how to use a new piece of software.

Simplicity is the Key: TSplus Server Monitoring

So, we noticed how tight on time and resources most companies and organisations could be (as well as how some providers expect their clients to overflow with both). We also realised how much we like to work with smooth, responsive, ergonomic and straightforward tools, of both the tangible and the virtual sort. Finally, we are quite clear about what is essential to someone on surveillance duty over server and websites since it is part of our jobs

Monitor Your Servers in All Simplicity

Consequently, with Server Monitoring , you will find yourself accomplishing the following in moments for your servers: monitoring performance, process usage, bandwidth and user connections, in real-time; easy generation and customisation, exporting, printing or emailing of reports; monitoring of user-presence and attendance per server and period of time; monitoring application usage per server and user and optimising your set-up and needs.

And Monitor Your Websites in All Simplicity

Specifically for Websites, you can monitor uptime of websites over the previous 30 days, watch availability, response codes and response times, generate, export, print and email reports.

Like Reports, Alerts Management is available for both Servers and Websites so you can be warned via your chosen notification means if, for example, any of the thresholds you set are reached.

Test Server Monitoring Today

All these features are accessible in a well-designed admin tool which is easy to navigate and quite self-explanatory.

But enough of this since you can find out first-hand what is possible with our simple user-friendly monitoring toolkit.

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