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Monitor Your Corporate Server Health

The purpose of this article is to look at how you can monitor and manage your network of servers and websites from anywhere using network monitoring software. Network monitoring software is a diagnostic tool that monitors local area networks and provides a graphical display of network statistics. TSplus Server Monitoring works in such a way that you can use the statistics it collects to inform colleagues about the health and usage of your corporate servers and websites. You will also be able to stay on top of any trouble within seconds. Such software will allow you to increase the reliability and productivity of your corporate servers.

Server Health Via HTML5

TSplus Server Monitoring is an easy-to-use, machine and browser-based server monitor that can help you to manage and watch servers and websites in your network. It runs once downloaded and installed and consumes minimal system resources. The modern interface can be used on your chosen device or over our secure HTML5 Webserver. For that, all you need is a device with a web browser to control TSplus Server Monitoring from our SSL2 protected Web interface.

Farm Monitoring in All Simplicity

In addition to this, TSplus Remote Access includes a farm management tool which will give you a complete handle on you network in combination with TSplus Server Monitoring. TSplus Remote Access can also be run on the device of your choice or online via your preferred browser. The same secure settings apply for all our software, so your network is kept safe behind your company firewall all the while.

This combined toolbox makes up a well-structured sentry with the essential features needed to control and monitor a network. Both consoles enable easy configuration.

Navigate Your Corporate Servers & Websites via Tabs

As for TSplus Server Monitoring , its actions, objects and agents are accessible in tabs and menus which you can navigate just like a browser. You can add and remote servers and websites from your network and choose to not monitor certain ones or exclude others from particular reports, include everything in others, change branding on the published report to match company colours.

The Server monitoring console’s monitoring functionality allows you to see the state of your network of servers and websites at any time. You can view each individually or group them, monitor a specific time-scale or look at overall evolution.

Manage Your Servers With Precision

TSplus Remote Access enables you to allow and restrict workstation use and individual user access to multiple PCs on your network. Reverse proxy, Server assignation and Load-balancing are all features of the TSplus Remote Access farm management tool. Another sign of how these two tools combine.

Server Monitoring by TSplus

TSplus Server Monitoring displays your machines and monitors device states such as active / inactive, up-time / down-time, or percentage of use, all in real-time. It monitors shared resources, shows traffic speeds, and notifies you on any of these events. You can also set minimum or maximum thresholds for particular events and be notified when these are reached.

Monitor Your Corporate Servers & Websites

These are all aspects of you networks which you can show in table or graph form in our report templates. As mentioned, you can modify and personalise reports, should you wish. You also have to possibility of setting a mailing list and rules for specific reports and email the finished PDF directly from the console. These can be occasional, or you can automate recurrent tasks.

User-Friendly Server Monitoring Software

As a surveillance tool, TSplus Server Monitoring has what it takes to keep you on top of your network administration job and make it a smoother job. And as we sell our products on a permanent licensing model with optional support and update services, you needn’t worry about cost either.

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