Remote Work Allied with Advanced Security to Set up Quick and Secure Remote Office

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Working from home or anywhere outside the main office brings new challenges. While remote-work technology can provide opportunities to improve employee working conditions in some situations, it can also create potential liabilities for businesses. What options are open to organizations who need their staff to stay home and work safely?

Remote access software is a double-edged sword. In many cases, this means using a personal laptop or a poorly secured mobile device to access the central server. Unfortunately, the security of these devices is outside of the direct control of many small business IT departments. This brings significant risks both for employees and employers.

Discover a Simple and Secure Remote Office Technology

TSplus Remote Work is the best solution for getting a remote access infrastructure up and running with minimal setup time and user training, and maximum security. 

The connection broker enables direct remote access to the user’s office PC desktop. Data never leaves the secure framework of the corporate network; a light program to install on the client’s side will create a remote connection to the windows session of the selected workstation, in order to use Word documents, Excel workbooks and other files directly on the user side.

Decentralization of operations from the home office is no longer an issue – employees connect to their professional apps via their favorite web browser: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera – using their personal laptops or mobile devices to achieve their tasks without putting their employers at risk.

Install Advanced Security to Secure Remote Office from Cyber Attacks

Cyber-criminals are good at finding new ways to attack, and remote desktop protocol is a well known vector for private network intrusions that can lead to corruption of sensitive data. With the right bots, passwords are easy to guess… Using multiple layers of protection is the most reliable way to make remote connections safe.   

IT Administrators want the guarantee that both employees and employers are fully protected when using Remote Work for teleworking. To aide in securing systems used, among others, for home office purposes, TSplus has developed multiple security options and additional tools for its software. 

Advanced Security, the ultimate security program for protecting remote connections, is compatible with Remote Work and makes a great package deal.

TSplus Advanced Security offers up to seven vital security protections, including:

  • Restrict access to corporate networks with strict control over who can connect to the server, when, from where and how (with which device).
  • Lock access to sensitive data, apps and resources hosted on the central server.
  • Block Brute-Force and Ransomware attacks before dramatic damages can occur.

To know more, watch the video below:

Advanced Security exists in two editions for different needs: Essentials (four features) and Ultimate Protection (seven features). A trial version is included in Remote Work setup, it makes it easy to test the security tool for 15 days for free. 

Learn more about the full range of TSplus solutions for Remote Working and Security: visit

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Your product and your support team are excellent. It helps a lot, I appreciate it.
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TSplus support does a very good job. They always help me if I need it.
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Had an issue with Web Access .. TSPlus support was cooperative to make sure this issue is solved .. Glad to partner with TSPlus
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