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In today's fast-paced business world, part if not all of what we do daily is increasingly done from a distance. In such a context, having reliable remote support tools is crucial for IT professionals and the infrastructures of the businesses they maintain. These tools ensure any technical issues can be resolved efficiently, no matter where technician or device are located. This article will explore the top paid remote support tools for 2024, including TSplus Remote Support , highlighting key features, benefits and pricing to help you choose the best solution for your organization’s needs.

Understanding Remote Support

Remote support tools are essential for IT departments, allowing them to connect to and control devices remotely to resolve technical issues, perform system updates and ensure cybersecurity. These tools are invaluable for businesses with remote or hybrid work setups, providing seamless support and maintaining productivity. Visual depiction of basic Remote Support features. Logo for TSplus Remote Support remote assistance and icons for: control computers, chat box, file transfer, send commands and cloud hosted.

Key Features to Look For in Remote Support Software Tools

When choosing a remote support tool, the following features are important to consider:

1. Security : Look for tools with strong encryption, authentication and compliance features to protect both sensitive data and infrastructure integrity.

2. Usability : Ensure tools are easy to use for both IT professionals and end-users. This will in turn reduce the learning curve and increase efficiency.

3. Scalability : Check the tool can scale with your business, supporting a growing number of devices, users and possibilities.

Integration of New Software Tools:

Smooth migration is crucial for a seamless workflow. Therefore, it is well worth deciphering beforehand where and in what ways, if any, compatibility with existing IT management and business applications could be problematic. Indeed, prior reflection and potential tests will contribute to your awareness of any pitfalls or hurdles, as well as help smooth the path noticeably during the transition process

Practical Applications for Remote Support Tools

Remote support tools are applied in various scenarios, such as:

· System maintenance and upkeep : MSPs and other IT agents and professionals perform standard maintenance, system updates and other routine tasks from anywhere .

· Troubleshooting technical issues : IT professionals can diagnose and fix problems without being physically present. This can take place with or without users being present at their devices.

· Network and farm management : Agents remotely deploy software updates to a whole fleet of devices and perform networks-wide maintenance tasks.

· Cybersecurity : Remote support tools enable IT agents to be highly reactive in monitoring and securing remote devices to prevent breaches.

· Supporting remote employees : Provide quick and efficient support to employees working from home or other locations.

· Training and collaboration : Colleagues and classes can work together or follow manipulations live from anywhere using remote support technology.

Top Paid Remote Support Tools for 2024

TSplus Remote Support text logo

TSplus Remote Support – Top Security


TSplus Remote Support is a secure straight-forwards remote support tool designed for businesses of all sizes. It is known for its robust features, its user-friendly interface and the fact it is hosted in dedicated servers worldwide. Consequently, this solution provides a secure and efficient way to manage remote devices.

Key Features:

·        Secure remote access and control, in remote support mode or command line mode.

·        Includes 2FA for safer credentials.

·        Comprehensive session recording and reporting. Chat, clip-board and file transfer.

·        Swift connections, handling and reactivity, with a choice to lower image quality for greater speed.

· Unattended access and Wake-on-LAN.

·        Multi-platform compatibility (Windows, Mac, Linux).

·        Customizable interface for brand consistency.


TSplus Remote Support stands out for its cost-effectiveness, robust security measures and ease of use. It is an excellent choice for businesses looking for a reliable and scalable remote support solution amongst the easiest to implement. Part of a comprehensive suite of remote software.


Pricing begins at $8 per month . TeamViewer logo with two-way arrow shape

TeamViewer – Top Features


TeamViewer is a well-known remote support tool widely used for personal and professional purposes. It offers high-performance remote connections and extensive device compatibility. As a market-leader it has a very wide breadth of capabilities and features.

Key Features:

·        High-performance remote connections.

·        Extensive device and platform compatibility.

·        Session recording.

·        Integration with major IT and business applications.


TeamViewer is reliable, feature-rich and trusted by many organizations worldwide.

Pricing: Starts at $24.90 per month.

AnyDesk – Top Speed


AnyDesk is renowned for its speed and ease of use, providing a quick and secure solution for remote support, remote access, and remote work.

Key Features:

·        Low latency and high frame rates.

·        Cross-platform support.

·        Customizable deployment options (cloud and on-premises).


AnyDesk offers excellent performance and flexibility, making it ideal for businesses that need fast and reliable remote support. Some users may find it complex.

Pricing: Starts at $14.90 per month. ConnectWise logo with shape of owl-head

ConnectWise Control – Top Skills


Previously known as ScreenConnect, ConnectWise Control is a robust remote support tool designed for IT professionals.

Key Features:

·        Secure unattended access.

·        Advanced customization options.

·        Integration with multiple AD directories.


High customization and security make ConnectWise Control a top choice for skilled IT departments.


Starts at $28 per month. Zoho Assist logo with ZOHO letters each in a coloured cube

Zoho Assist – Top Cloud


Zoho Assist is a cloud-based remote support and access tool that allows IT professionals to provide on-demand support to clients.

Key Features:

·        On-demand remote sessions.

·        Comprehensive mobile device support.

·        Integrated chat and file transfer.


Zoho Assist is user-friendly and versatile, suitable for businesses that need to support a variety of devices.


Plans start from $10 per user per month.

Splashtop Business Pro


Splashtop Business Pro is known for its straightforward business use, offering high-definition remote sessions and robust security protocols.

Key Features:

·        High-definition remote sessions.

·        Robust security protocols.

·        Cross-platform support and multi-monitor setup.


Splashtop is reliable and easy to deploy, making it a great option for businesses looking for a straightforward solution.


Starts at $16 per month. BeyondTrust logo - orange with stylised b

BeyondTrust Remote Support – Top Integration


BeyondTrust is a premium remote support tool known for its strong security features and integration capabilities.

Key Features:

·        Comprehensive access controls.

·        Seamless integration with ITSM tools.

·        Extensive auditing and reporting.


BeyondTrust offers top-notch security and compliance features, making it ideal for enterprises.


Custom pricing based on requirements. Said to be costly by online reviews.

Conclusion on Top Remote Support Tools for 2024

Choosing the right remote support tool is crucial for maintaining productivity and ensuring the security of your IT infrastructure. While there are many excellent options available, TSplus Remote Support stands out for its comprehensive features, competitive pricing and user-friendly interface. Easy to implement and offering cross-platform connections as well as device management and other highly demanded features, it boasts simple implementation to boot.

Whether you in a small business or large enterprise, TSplus Remote Support can meet your remote support needs effectively. Feel free to start with a free trial or contact our sales team to learn more about how TSplus Remote Support can enhance your IT capabilities.

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