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Article title Having evolved since its release in 2005, how does TeamViewer work and offer its wide possibilities like remote access and screen control? It allows distant maintenance of computers and other devices by agents from multiple locations and a variety of devices. Other software developers contend on the market using the same and different technology. Here are some basic notions of what’s behind TeamViewer and its alternatives. Then we can touch on our Remote Support, which we proudly place amongst best TeamViewer alternatives , especially for simplicity and affordability.

TSplus Remote Support Free Trial

Cost-effective Attended and Unattended Remote Assistance from/to macOS and Windows PCs.

What Can TeamViewer Do When Connecting You Remotely?

With TeamViewer, users are able to establish a secure link between devices. This application grants access to more than just remote viewing or control of a device. Additionally, ou have the option to use the camera or microphone of your device while linked to another computer.

The connection can be made between various types of devices, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. It also enables you to share files and screens, conduct online meetings, support different operating systems, chat, or make video calls.

Where screen sharing and support is concerned, TSplus products include Remote Support . A simple, efficient and affordable tool enables updating, fixing and more from any place with an Internet connection.

How Does TeamViewer Work?

Each device or user has a separate password and both end devices (endpoints) must provide their credentials to set up a remote control connection.

To run TeamViewer, you will be assigned an ID on their broker server. The app client creates a secure tunnel between both endpoints. In order to establish the connection you enter this ID and TeamViewer will pass it through the tunnel to the destination. That is where you will be prompted for your password. Once the password is entered, the connection is finalised and secure communication can take place.

By default, TeamViewer utilizes port 80 to connect to a central server. In the event of a connection being established, the unique ID that is granted will enable the server to recognize you as online.

How Do Alternatives to TeamViewer Work?

Basically, RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol), VPN (Virtual Private Network) and VNC (Virtual Network Computing) are the main options affording complete access and full control.

Amongst the other possibilities, one worth noting is the use of a proxy server. As it is different while still providing full access anyhow, it stands out from the rest. Finally, other potential ways of accessing devices from a distance have contexts, limitations or differences that prevent them from having their place here.

That said, RDP is the protocol used by TSplus software. Exchanges transit via TSplus servers dotted around the world. Support takes places over HTML5 and is secured using credentials, SSL encryption plus, should you choose it, 2FA as well.

Remote Access and Other Capabilities

TeamViewer provides remote access to server, PC and mobile devices. Such distant access means a user can control a remote device anywhere from any other location around the globe. Therefore, typical uses include support and updating or fixing operating systems. All of this being done from afar, work can thus be done instantly and without counting commuting distance or time.

  • Users can transfer files between the two distant devices. These can be captures, photos, documents, video… Either endpoint can prompt the download or upload.

  • Various tools, ideal for collaboration, mean users can work as a team on projects or interventions. Favourites enable users to view and share screens, view documents and therefore exchange as they might in the same room.

  • Security is paramount with the Internet, especially where access and data are concerned. TeamViewer and any similar software are not exempt of the dangers and it is important for all professional and private users to keep this in mind. TeamViewer have implemented the use of login credentials (ID and password), data encryption (tunnel) and even two-factor authentication.

Remote Maintenance with TeamViewer or Alternatives

As you can see, TeamViewer is a tool you could use to maintain and upgrade your network or other devices from a distance. You may also choose an alternative, potentially based on pricing reasons for instance. Indeed, TeamViewer is a renowned brand and its cost can be higher than an average small business would need.

Nonetheless, TSplus, amongst other options, is an affordable contender with straightforward handling and great customer feedback .

How Does TSplus Do the Job? Our Solution for Remote Control and Screen Sharing

Indeed, TSplus has recently redesigned its remote control and screen sharing software, Remote Support. Our team of developers has also added features to it in the process. The result is a simpler than ever tool for controlling screens remotely and providing support to any Windows device anywhere on the Globe. With no installation, it is rapidly up and running. As well as clearer navigation, the ergonomics and aesthetics have been brought up to date.

Since the latest update of Remote Support, users can now create folders to organize their computers. These are just some of a series of improvements the product has undergone over the past few months. Moreover, many of these have been the result of customer and user feedback to our various teams.

TSplus Remote Support For Maintaining Your Systems From Anywhere

All in all, TeamViewer and other remote control and screen sharing software provide tools for remote maintenance, upgrading and even training. If you are interested in finding out more about TSplus Remote Support as an alternative, do visit our website. For further detail about Remote Support features and set-up, do find our product pages or simply download to try it for yourself. Our licencing is suited to most budgets and our 15-day trials completely free.

TSplus Remote Support Free Trial

Cost-effective Attended and Unattended Remote Assistance from/to macOS and Windows PCs.

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