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Title of article Remote Desktop Services (RDS) is a popular solution native to Microsoft PCs and servers. It provides remote access to Windows desktops and applications thanks to Internet. While RDS is a widely used and trusted solution, there is a variety of products available that offer similar capabilities. If you are looking for an alternative to RDS for PC, this article is for you. Read on for more about TSplus Remote Support and its potential to fit the bill .

TSplus Remote Support Free Trial

Cost-effective Attended and Unattended Remote Assistance from/to macOS and Windows PCs.

Seeking an Alternative to RDS for PC?

TSplus has developed a set of remote desktop and application delivery software. These allow user to securely access their Windows desktops and applications from any device, to provide support and screen and input control, to monitor servers and websites and to secure IT infrastructures. Via an internet connection, all are possible from anywhere in the world.

With TSplus, organizations can do away with the need for complicated and expensive hardware and software solutions. TSplus Remote Support is the remote control tool of the suite. Use it with simplicity and ease, to control, update and troubleshoot your IT infrastructure or that of your clients, or even enable interactive team collaboration and training.

Quick and Easy Installation of RDS Alternative for PCs

One of the key advantages of TSplus Remote Support over RDS is its ease of deployment and configuration. Our software can be installed and configured in an instant , with no need for complex server modifications or additional software installations.

For example, this makes Remote Support an ideal choice for small and medium-sized businesses. Indeed, SMBs are even more likely than corporations to want to quickly deploy remote access capabilities without significant investment, time or expertise.

Scalability for RDS Alternative to Evolve with Your Business

TSplus Remote Support also has the advantage of scalability. It can easily accommodate growing businesses and changing workloads, allowing organizations to easily add or remove users as needed. Prices also become more advantageous with larger orders. All this adds up to our software being highly affordable for SMBs and remain so for bigger companies. It seems important for the best tools to smoothly evolve with your businesses, whichever they may be.

Our remote control tool also supports two different access modes: command line and remote control. Another specific feature is unattended access, which can be authorised by the client so the agent becomes able to work outside hours of client presence. Such tools mean agents can do a better job while all concerned parties see their work organisation fluidified. Additionally, these assets increase the value of TSplus Remote Support as your company grows.

RDS Alternative for PC with Carefully Picked Features

In terms of features, TSplus Remote Support offers a robust set of capabilities that rival those of RDS. These include support for multiple users, seamless application publishing, session recording, and such advanced security features as SSL encryption and multi-factor authentication.

Remote Support also offers a range of customization options, allowing organizations to tailor the solution to their specific needs. Finally, agents or their companies can customise the appearance of the interface to use their colours, logos, etc. This, as well as showing their names, works together for foster confidence and transparency.

Simplest Interface for Clients Without RDS Experience

As well as the complete admin interface window, Remote Support has a Lite console. Indeed, it was designed so clients with no technical background can receive support, without worrying about anything else. Their console needs no installation and bears simply the information to make the connection with their agent and thus share their screen.

All the client needs to do to is send their credentials to their agent. With the client’s ID and password, they can establish the link between devices and start work. Another action available in the Lite interface is change of password. And, should the client wish to end the connection for any reason, all they need do is close the chat box.

Support and Updates to Keep Your Infrastructure Secure and Efficient

Additionally, TSplus provides a comprehensive Support and Updates service that ensures users can receive timely and reliable support whenever they need them. The service includes regular software updates and patches to keep the system secure and up-to-date day-in day-out. Notably, it also gives customers access to our international team of experienced support professionals who can assist with any issues or questions that may arise.

To Conclude on Alternative to RDS for Windows PCs and Servers

In conclusion, on the one hand, RDS remains a popular remote desktop solution provided by Microsoft. On the other hand, TSplus Remote Support is an attractive alternative for organisations seeking fast, scalable, professional yet easy-to-use remote control. It boasts a robust set of features, customisation options, and comprehensive support and updates service.

TSplus is consequently a compelling choice for businesses of all sizes wanting to enable secure and reliable remote support and screen sharing . Our 15-day free trial gives your freedom to explore TSplus software. Lastly, our Quick-start guide puts the essentials at your fingertips so you can be up and running in no time.

TSplus Remote Support Free Trial

Cost-effective Attended and Unattended Remote Assistance from/to macOS and Windows PCs.

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