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For some years now, Microsoft has been including its (proprietary yet universal…) Remote Desktop Protocol on Pro Versions of Windows PCs. If you are reading this, it is likely you are looking for an RDP Client alternative for Windows 10, but why not for Windows 7 or Windows 11. As for any software, there are alternatives of so many kinds. So, it is essential to be clear about one’s needs before setting out. A search is then mainly a matter of comparing contenders before finally testing our favourites. Looking for a Windows 10 RDP Client Alternative is no different. Since any browser search will do the job of finding all the competitors for you, here is directly my top choice. Unsurprisingly, I would like to tell you about TSplus Remote Access .

Activating Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) on the Host PC

Like I mentioned, RDP is to be found on Pro versions of Windows. It makes these servers potentially accessible over the Internet. All that needs doing is to open the Remote Desktop preferences and activate the protocol which is deactivated by default. It is easily located using the search bar if you have not directly spotted it amongst the network headings.

Internet and Network settings for Windows 10 RDP Client

That done, please do remember to ensure you have organised the appropriate Web security measures. Unsurprisingly if you keep up to date on Internet related news, one of the recuring headlines is cyber-security and hacking. So, there is a great reason to make a detour via our Advanced Security pages to see what we can do for your network and peace of mind.

Setting Up a Windows 10 RDP Client Alternative

Generally, client and host software parts need installing, regardless of the product. There seems to be an over-the-board demand for both parts, and developing companies follow this. The host can be a server, or a PC with RDP (which, as I said, means most Windows pro devices and does not include Home versions) with or without screen, keyboard and mouse.

As for TSplus Remote Access, or TSplus Remote Support or Remote Work for that matter, things are no different. You will find our Quick-Start guide talks of Server and Client, which amounts to host and client.

Once set up, the host computer will then be accessible to the client machine. The server (host) could share their screen, OS, files etc. as per remote control software. Here, the overall focus is application publication and remote desktop use, for distant work and company-wide IT consistence.

Windows PCs Accessible From Any Device Anywhere

Server-side, right now, Remote Access is supported on Windows PC alone. But watch this space... And, thanks to our HTML5 Client, via a web browser, any Client device with any OS anywhere can access a Server PC.

Highlight Features of TSplus Remote Access

Watch out for security features, ease of use and finally efficiency. What is the sense in a product that needs hours of training to get to grips with or to achieve your goals? The application publishing aspect is central here, and the fact it takes an instant to publish apps or assign users is something that makes us proud. Still, you will also find the user settings have been carefully thought out. Nonetheless, it is worth giving some attention to Farm Features, which extends possibilities. You gain total control of your servers regarding web-enabling applications as well as managing your network.

A Full TSplus Suite Including Security Alerts and Network Monitoring

Within and around Remote Access, we have a team of features and products bent on security and efficiency. It may be your connection has no prior protection or that the endpoint lacks a certificate. TSplus is highly concerned by cyber-security so our teams have thought of all this. With TSplus Remote Access, you get valid SSL certificates according to your requirements. Additionally, Two Factor Authentication or, as mentioned above, our all-round cyber-protection, Advanced Security, are available as add-ons to any of our products as well as stand-alone for any other needs. Similarly, TSplus Server Monitoring could be an great extra string to your bow should you need to monitor your servers or websites.

Alternative to Windows 10 RDP Client: Conclusion

Remote Access provides a versatile yet simple alternative to the default Windows RDP Client-Host pair, be it for Windows 10, Windows 7 or any other version. We are proud to enable legacy and modern apps to be published to the Web effortlessly. No need to wait or even dig out your credit card to test our products, simply visit our website right away for a download. Our free trial period lasts 15 days.

TSplus Remote Access Free Trial

Ultimate Citrix/RDS alternative for desktop/app access.Secure, cost-effective,on-permise/cloud

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