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Our society is increasingly connected and mobile, whether in work or leisure contexts. Rare are the businesses able to do away with Internet and computers any more than in part. It is safe to say that technology has become a necessity, if only for the likes of book-keeping, communication and stock and contacts management. In fact, some companies run nearly exclusively online. In this context, remote desktop connections are run of the mill. So, are you discovering the matter and wondering: what is remote desktop connection? Here is a quick run-down plus a description of our well-honed tool for this job .

TSplus Remote Access Free Trial

Ultimate Citrix/RDS alternative for desktop/app access.Secure, cost-effective,on-permise/cloud

What is Remote Desktop Connection?

Also referred to as remote desktop or RDC, Remote Desktop Connection is a technology which allows users to access and control a computer or server from a different location. It does this via Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), a Windows proprietary protocol that was first programmed into a Microsoft OS in 1998. This functionality is particularly useful for IT professionals, businesses and individuals who need to manage computers or provide technical support remotely.

With Remote Desktop Connection, a user can connect to a remote computer over a network or the internet, to then interact with its desktop as if they were physically present in front of it. This includes running applications, accessing files and performing tasks on the local device just as though they were sitting in front of the remote machine.

Affordable Remote Desktop Connection with TSplus

TSplus Remote Access, part of our comprehensive software suite, provides an affordable remote desktop connection solution for IT professionals. It allows users to remotely run applications and access desktops with SSL encryption to keep communication safe. The other products in our software suite ensure your network’s cybersecurity, kit your agents out to provide support and monitor your servers and websites.

With TSplus, all these licences are available without the need for an extensive budget. The TSplus Remote Access component, in particular, serves as a cost-effective and straightforward alternative to solutions like Citrix and RDS, making it an attractive option for businesses looking to streamline remote access.

Key Features of TSplus Remote Access to Connect Desktops Remotely

1. Farm Management: Efficient Scaling and Load Balancing

TSplus Remote Access farm management empowers organizations to manage their remote access infrastructure seamlessly. The Gateway Portal simplifies user access to multiple servers using a single set of login credentials.

The load balancing feature is perfect for intelligently distributing the workload across various servers in the farm, enhancing performance and reliability. Counteract potentials production incidents by effortlessly falling back to failover servers. Assign specific servers to designated users or groups to optimize resource allocation. Prevent direct internet access to Application with the easy Reverse Proxy functionality, ensure exclusive LAN use. And more.

Screenshot of TSplus Remote Access farm management console feature - Load Balancing

2. Security: Robust Measures for Maximum Protection

TSplus Remote Access prioritizes security via a multi-layered approach. Modern TLS encryption secures all remote access connections while support for wildcard certificates enhances flexibility. Two-factor Authentication (2FA) adds an additional layer of security, allowing secure web portal access. Benefit from measures such as lockout functionality to monitor and block credentials after repeated failed login attempts.

Screen capture of TSplus Remote Access console feature: cipher-suites - modify TLS/SSL cipher suites

3. Connection Modes: Seamless Accessibility Across Devices

TSplus Remote Access offers a versatile selection of connection modes for accessibility from any browser and device. Be it via RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) client or other, TSplus Remote Access ensures that users experience a standard Windows desktop with familiar shortcuts, start menu, taskbar, etc. remotely. Especially as the RDP client generator facilitates a one-click connection experience for users.

For a more application-centric approach, the RemoteApp client provides a launch menu on local desktops. This allows users to open server-hosted applications seamlessly. Alternatively, the HTML5 client, accessible through the secure TSplus Web Portal, enables users to connect from any device using any web browser. Whether delivering a full remote desktop or specific applications, the HTML5 client ensures a user-friendly and customizable experience.

4. Remote Printing: Streamlined and Flexible Print Solutions

TSplus Remote Access goes beyond standard functionalities with its robust remote printing features . The Universal Printer eliminates the need to install specific printer drivers, allowing users to print seamlessly from any location. Documents are converted into PDF files and automatically delivered to the user's device through fast Virtual Channel connections. This streamlined process ensures efficient printing without the necessity for administrators to map local printers.

The TSplus Virtual Printer also provides advanced configurations and fine-tuning options, catering to non-standard printer requirements such as label printers or specific page sizes. As well as being compatible with Windows PCs, it also offers administrators much greater control over printer configurations. This level of flexibility in printing solutions ensures that businesses can adapt to diverse printing needs, making TSplus Remote Access a comprehensive and versatile choice for organizations seeking efficient remote printing capabilities.


Advantageous Remote Desktop Features

Jointly with the tool as a whole, these four features contribute to the strength and versatility of TSplus Remote Access. Organizations have a solution excelling in farm management, security, connection modes and remote printing among other areas. The emphasis on user-friendly interfaces, security, and advanced functionalities makes TSplus Remote Access a valuable asset for businesses aiming to enhance their remote access infrastructure.

Whether managing farms efficiently, implementing robust security measures, or ensuring seamless connectivity across diverse devices, the evolving demands of modern remote access infrastructures don't stop there. Why not look at some overall benefits of the solution.

Key Benefits of TSplus Remote Access to Connect Businesses Remotely

Now, to delve deeper into the comparison between TSplus and Citrix, allow me to focus on remote access and application publishing.

1. Great Value-for-money Remote Desktop Access:

As a cost-effective alternative to Citrix, TSplus Remote Access stands out for offering businesses the ability to efficiently access and manage remote desktops without breaking their budget. IT professionals and businesses of all sizes, from SMB to corporate, can ensure worldwide office accessibility without the burden of high expenses.

2. Simplified Alternative to Citrix and RDS:

One of the most pertinent aspects of TSplus Remote Access is its simple user-friendly interface. Acting as a robust alternative to Citrix and RDS, TSplus provides an uncomplicated solution for remote desktop connection and application publication. This simplicity translates to easier implementation, drastically reducing the learning curve and time investment for IT professionals.

3. Secure Remote Desktop Connections:

TSplus prioritizes security by incorporating TSplus Advanced Security. Through features such as two-factor authentication, brute-force attack prevention, and application control, TSplus delivers a robust security posture for businesses. Thanks to SSL 3.0 and 2FA but also to constant updates and patching following Microsoft and other software evolutions, our software remains secure. Indeed, TSplus software developers can proudly claim both to working daily to stay one step ahead of potential vulnerabilities and to promoting secure remote working environments.

Key Features of the TSplus Remote Software Suite

1. Enhanced Security with TSplus Advanced Security:

Companion software TSplus Advanced Security is designed as an all-in-one tool for cybersecurity on Windows Servers. It is crucial in preventing cyberattacks and securing IT infrastructures. Thanks to our developers it provides IP blacklisting and whitelisting, offers country choice and can halt and quarantine malware attacks. Citrix, while providing remote access solutions, might not have the same integrated focus on cybersecurity as TSplus.

2. Remote Support Capabilities:

TSplus Remote Access extends beyond mere desktop connection. It marries our robust remote assistance SaaS: TSplus Remote Support, enabling businesses to provide remote assistance to their staff and clients. This software can stand alone but otherwise enhances the overall IT infrastructure. It adds remote assistance capacities and seamless collaboration, tuition and issue resolution potential.

3. Real-time Server Monitoring:

Last but not least, TSplus Remote Access is complemented by TSplus Server Monitoring. Our IT network surveillance software allows businesses to track the health of their servers and websites in real-time. This proactive monitoring ensures prompt issue identification and resolution, minimizing downtime and enhancing overall system reliability.

To Conclude: What is Remote Desktop Connection?

In conclusion, remote desktop connection is a field well mastered by TSplus Remote Access. Fortified by its security features and comprehensive suite, it brings exceptional value to businesses. TSplus affordability makes Remote Access a pragmatic choice for organizations seeking robust remote solutions minus the hefty price tag associated with similar software offerings.

Should you have any specific details to clarify or matters to explore, feel free to check our FAQs, documentation etc., or you can reach out to our sales or support teams via our website, email or telephone.

TSplus Remote Access Free Trial

Ultimate Citrix/RDS alternative for desktop/app access.Secure, cost-effective,on-permise/cloud

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