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In the rapidly evolving landscape of IT solutions, you may be asking, what is Citrix. Indeed, understanding the various platforms and technologies available is crucial for making informed decisions. One prominent player in the field is Citrix, a multinational software company renowned for its contributions to virtualization, networking and cloud computing. TSplus , in comparison, is gaining visibility.
As we explore the question "What is Citrix?", we aim to provide some foundational understanding of Citrix's role in remote access and application delivery. This will set the stage for a comprehensive comparison with TSplus Remote Access, our flagship IT product, in the field of application publishing and remote desktop access. And we will wrap that up with the TSplus software suite, which completes it into a comprehensive IT solution for businesses.

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Ultimate Citrix/RDS alternative for desktop/app access.Secure, cost-effective,on-permise/cloud

What is Citrix?

Citrix is a multinational software company providing technology solutions related to virtualization, networking and cloud computing. The company offers a range of products and services aimed at facilitating remote access, application delivery and collaboration in enterprise environments. Citrix is well-known for its virtualization platform, particularly Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, which allows users to access applications and desktops remotely.

What Is Citrix to Our Alternative?

In the context of our IT company, TSplus, Citrix is considered a competitor, especially in the field of remote access and application publishing. Citrix uses VDI and ICA but nonetheless, though the technology wielded is different, the purpose is comparable and similarly the results.

With TSplus Remote Access, we position ourselves as a cost-effective and straightforward alternative to Citrix and Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS), providing IT professionals with a comprehensive suite of tools for remote access and control. Indeed, we think such tools should be accessible to businesses of all sizes and budgets.

How About Comparing TSplus with Citrix?

Now equipped with a foundational understanding of Citrix, let us delve into a detailed analysis comparing Citrix with TSplus, our homegrown IT solution. As you may have noticed, we like to aim high. The reason is comparing ourselves with the big kids on the block reminds us to keep sharp.

In the exploration below, we will shed light on key aspects such as cost-effectiveness, user-friendliness, remote access features, application publishing, cybersecurity integration, and support and monitoring capabilities. By examining these facets, we can draw meaningful distinctions that empower you to make informed decisions for your IT infrastructure.

What is Citrix When You Can Have TSplus

Now, to delve deeper into the comparison between TSplus and Citrix, allow me to focus on remote access and application publishing.

1. Cost-Effectiveness:

TSplus is primarily positioned as a cost-effective alternative to Citrix . With Remote Access, it aims to provide IT professionals with a budget-friendly solution while still providing the essential features. This can prove particularly advantageous for businesses looking to maximize their IT investments.

2. Simplicity and User-Friendliness:

TSplus emphasizes simplicity and a user-friendly experience. Our goal is to offer users a straightforward remote access alternative which does away with any complex configurations or extensive training. This contrasts with Citrix, which historically has not only a steeper learning curve for users and administrators but also necessitates extensive external intervention.

3. Remote Access Features:

TSplus Remote Access provides a comprehensive suite for remotely running applications and accessing desktops. TSplus Remote Access has been developed to be simpler and lighter alternative to Citrix and RDS.

Features have been handpicked to provide the essentials for smaller businesses while easily scaling up for larger companies. Specific features, such as the Web Application Portal and the API, contribute to a seamless user experience.

4. Application Publishing:

TSplus aims to be the best value-for-money option for application publishing. On the simplicity-front, one-click application publishing is bound to make waves . It competes with Citrix in this field by offering a solution that is both cost-effective and efficient, making it an attractive choice for IT professionals and any business.

5. Cybersecurity Integration:

Companion software TSplus Advanced Security is designed as an all-in-one tool for cybersecurity on Windows Servers. It is crucial in preventing cyberattacks and securing IT infrastructures. Thanks to our developers it provides IP blacklisting and whitelisting, offers country choice and can halt and quarantine malware attacks. Citrix, while providing remote access solutions, might not have the same integrated focus on cybersecurity as TSplus.

6. Remote Support:

TSplus continues its holistic approach with Remote Support. The cloud-based SaaS solution TSplus Remote Support solution is ideal for providing attended/unattended assistance. It is designed so that users can feel confident they are being served in all security while agents can work with the best tools in hand, swiftly and as teams. Here is great collaboration software to make even Citrix jealous.

7. Server and Website Monitoring:

Finally, TSplus Server Monitoring also enables real-time tracking of server and website health. With user-approved customisable reporting facilities and adjustable alerts, this is simple monitoring at its most useful. Citrix may not provide such an all-encompassing suite as these last monitoring tools offer.

So, as we see it, here you have it, TSplus neck-a-neck to Citrix in a fair few areas. TSplus Remote Access already has a lot to say for itself on its own. And, when combined with the whole TSplus suite, it integrates rapidly and efficiently into a solution all the more worth discovering.

User-Friendly, Reliable, Secure and Cost-Effective TSplus

These points highlight TSplus' strategic positioning as a cost-effective, user-friendly and reliable solution for remote access and application publishing when compared to Citrix. All the more with the cybersecurity, remote support and server monitoring offerings bundled in. TSplus aims to provide a robust alternative for IT professionals seeking efficiency without the complexities often associated with other solutions.

Conclusion to What is Citrix

In conclusion, having explored "What is Citrix?" we have both described Citrix itself and delved into a detailed comparison with TSplus. Consequently, we can appreciate the distinct strengths and strategic positioning of each solution. While Citrix is recognized for its virtualization prowess, TSplus emerges as a cost-effective, user-friendly alternative offering a comprehensive suite of tools for remote access, application publishing, cybersecurity, and support and monitoring.

As you navigate the dynamic landscape of IT solutions, this comparative analysis may inform you or guide you in making choices aligned with your business objectives and IT requirements. If further insights or specific details are needed, feel free to browse our webpages or contact our teams concerning any aspect of this exploration.

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TSplus Remote Access Free Trial

Ultimate Citrix/RDS alternative for desktop/app access.Secure, cost-effective,on-permise/cloud

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