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Are you a customer who wants total control of your web site administrative functions and haven't already taken a look at unmanaged web hosting services? Then you should find they give you complete remote control administration over your servers. The technical side of the server can be controlled by a designated administrator that you pick to handle your web information if you want to delegate such tasks.

Expertise to Use Un-Managed Host Services

It really is essential to have a technical person to install and manage servers if you yourself don’t have the expertise. Indeed, as the customer, you will be responsible for maintaining the server environment. That’s why unmanaged servers are recommended for individuals and businesses with server administration resources.

Potential of Using Unmanaged Host Services

To go the whole way, there is also a case for developing applications and controlling them without going through external technical support personnel on the managed server side. Unmanaged servers are usually used by companies developing real time response systems or applications to sell over the Internet or on behalf of other companies. In this context, our array of software will readily be put to good use.

Scalability of Unmanaged Hosting

Unmanaged servers allow you to add extra hard disk space to increase your space capacity. Many computer companies sell physical servers that are configured for unmanaged hosting applications. Software programs have evolved making is easier than ever to not only run an office network but also handle web server and development applications. TSplus Remote Access software was developed to serve these uses. Especially when backed by Advanced Security and Server Monitoring for example.

Choosing Between Using Managed and Unmanaged Hosting

Small businesses that don’t need a server on site to deal with administrative web packages should go with managed host packages. These provide support, whether practical assistance or administrative. Managed applications should suit just fine because they will spread the costs of maintaining and upgrading all parts of the system and set-up. Indeed, they will perform these services for you.

Weighing Everything in the Balance Between Managed and Unmanaged Host Services

Depending on what you are running, unmanaged servers need regular to constant upgrades of software and hardware which could be costly to your small business. At least in time and attention. Remember that Microsoft alone releases large amount of security updates, which if they aren't applied can be a cause for security breaches of your system, and they are likely to not be the only type of software you run.

It is important to put this in the balance opposite the subscription cost of managed servers if you intend to make an informed choice between the two options. If you are a small firm that develops in house web applications, chances are that unmanaged servers work out a good choice.

In any case, it can be worthwhile calling on an IT consultant regardless of your company size. They can draw up an IT plan to see if you need this type of hosting service or not.

Remote Access Within the Use of Managed and Unmanaged Hosting

TSplus Remote Access is a tool that can be used in both managed and unmanaged contexts to publish applications and make them available remotely, whether internally to a company or over the Internet.

As a whole, our software suite works together to build a working toolbox that can be used in-house or for a software business. Just the same, separate items can be installed and used individually to meet specific requirements. Scalable and adaptable to size, use and budget according to your company needs.

TSplus Remote Access for Use with Managed or Unmanaged Host Services

To test for yourself or to find out more about TSplus Remote Access or any other of our software products, please visit our website today.

TSplus Remote Access Free Trial

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