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In the late 2010s, flexible work arrangements were already on the rise, if slowly. 2020 supercharged that with the pandemic creating a mass exodus of workers from the corporate office to the home office. Remote working became the word of the day. But the question from the beginning was often 'What happens next?'. Well, how about keeping remote work - hybrid working solutions are here to stay!

Hybrid Working as a Solution

For a lot of companies, that question was answered with hybrid working at the time of all the lock-downs. But while certain companies embraced the new trend, others went there under duress and jumped straight back out as soon as they could. Nonetheless, a few days in the office, balanced by a few days working from home each week, has become a new norm.

This offers employees the flexibility they have come to expect, while keeping the in-person vibe so crucial to cohesion of working teams. Hybrid working presents its own challenges. Yet, it also offers unique opportunities for day-to-day concerns ranging from staffing to data security and integrity.

Hybrid Working Solutions to Reconcile Companies with Remote Work

When many companies scattered their staff to the safety of the home office. That left thousands of empty offices and millions of unattended workstations sitting idle. The added cost of mobile devices and supplies for remote workers was too much for some. It was often impractical to bear another large expenditure to accommodate yet another evolution of working conditions.

With businesses and corporations alike still struggling to balance all these variables, one solution has risen to the top – TSplus Remote Access .

Remote Work Without Heavy Investment

TSplus Remote Access offers the simple and secure way to maximize the existing infrastructure of a corporate office. All that while integrating the concepts of remote work. Yet, still without introducing extra significant overheads in either IT time or cost.

Remote Work & Data and Devices

When workers are in the office, all those workstations that were dormant during the various lock-downs, come to life again in service to their company. With TSplus Remote Access, these devices do not stay idle either. Remote workers now find themselves balancing software, documents, and other files between 2 or more computers, depending on where they are working that day.

Remote Working by TSplus - Keeping Data Safe

TSplus Remote Access eases security concerns by creating a web access gateway. This enables each user to access their office desktop while staying behind the company firewall and protections. Users can work from the office without transporting sensitive documents or other corporate information on their laptops. Their data can remain safely in the office while they work from anywhere with an Internet connection.

And if secure communications over HTML5, accessible only with correct credentials, isn't enough, no worries. TSplus makes 2FA available for added peace of mind, whether workers are in the office or working remotely.

Remote Working with TSplus Remote Access: a Solution for Hybrid Working

TSplus Remote Access servers can be hosted directly in the office. How better to give direct and discrete access for each user to connect directly to their desktop?

The setup is simple and doesn't require advanced technical skills. Nonetheless, our quick-start guides and user documentation are carefully written to enable smooth setup. To make it even easier to consider, TSplus Remote Access licensing is priced with tight IT budgets in mind – and the licensing is permanent. That way the solution is yours and causes no recurring monthly bills.

Download a free trial of TSplus Remote Access today to discover how to make it work for your business. Trials are fully featured, for 15 days and 5 users.

TSplus Remote Access Free Trial

Ultimate Citrix/RDS alternative for desktop/app access.Secure, cost-effective,on-permise/cloud

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