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The Internet has combined with the evolution of corporate data, processes and communications to create the basis for a revolution in corporate organization. Businesses are becoming increasingly modular, doing what they do best and outsourcing the rest. The organization is increasingly turning toward project teams which can be assembled when necessary and dispersed when projects are completed.

To facilitate this, procedures, software and systems are being developed to control and support collaboration. Here's why TSplus Remote Access is software for the business of the future.

Remote Access for Businesses

The result of these evolutions? New opportunities for remote workers and virtual offices. The new backdrop: leaner, task focused and ultimately a more efficient organization, with unlimited access to resources and personnel around the globe.

The Office of the Future - Modern Business Calls for Remote Access

At the heart of the new business organization is the virtual business or virtual office. The virtual business can span geographical boundaries and provide instant flexible collaboration. Thus, it can efficiently develop products and services with minimal supporting overhead. In this "office of the future", remote workers are linked in a dispersed infrastructure that is supported by software that supports and controls collaboration. Individuals share data and applications over a distance, transmit data of all types easily and efficiently.

Also, without even leaving their homes, a work-group can meet up to exchange information and views using a variety of different techniques. These include videoconferencing, shared whiteboards, teleconferencing, instant messaging, and a variety of asynchronous correspondence and mail capabilities.

Remote Software for Businesses

Supporting the office of the future is a wide and growing range of collaborative software tools. They provide communications, project coordination, data sharing, and application access. The base for this communication is, of course, the Internet, which has been speeding up as higher bandwidth technologies are rolled out. Broadband and Fibre are quicker than ever and enhance the opportunities for collaboration.

Remote Access Software for Businesses: Always On, Anywhere, Anytime!

This openness and flexibility provides a number of advantages to both staff and business. In short:

* Any time - flexible working hours, with improved scheduling for business, and more efficient performance from remote workers.

* Any place - flexible work location making it possible to employ people who work at home or in different parts of the country, or even across the globe.

* Any competent task group - flexibility of project staffing, making it possible to make most efficient use of available personnel.

* Wider skill application - particular specialists may contribute to various projects rather than being dedicated to a single operation at one time in one place.

* Amorphous organization - making it possible to create work-groups as needed to handle new projects or new support activities without the upheaval associated with different times and places.

* Scalability and security - incorporating these characteristics in the modular systems and network infrastructure. Modules can be easily grown or combined, and security is integral to both policy and supporting IT infrastructure.

TSplus Remote Access Software for the Business of the Future

All of these need to be backed and enabled by the right software tools. TSplus Remote Access is one of a panel of TSplus products which make the office of the future a reality. Our range covers remote working, application publishing, screen sharing and support, monitoring farms, servers and websites and last but not least all-round security for these environments.

Remote Access Software to Free Businesses

TSplus Remote Access puts at your fingertips application publishing so you can Web-enable your applications, whether they are the latest thing, legacy or a bit of both. It lets you create and manage a farm of servers. In addition, you can give access to your staff, users, clients, to the parts of your system which is relevant to them. You may be providing them with the tools to work remotely or giving them access to a highly specific item of software on their tablet from some backwater location at one of your remote plants.

Remote Software Tools for Businesses

Administrators can enable one user a particular range of software and another a completely different set, a full desktop of just one application. The whole of your teams can find their sessions will open in mere seconds thanks to Session Prelaunch which pre-loads user-sessions in advance of their usual login time. This speeds things up and helps make sure servers won’t overload.

To Conclude

The virtual organization supported by the right technologies is becoming an increasingly visible phenomenon. Surely, hotter competition forces a higher competitive response on us all. Therefore, the trend will likely grow as the performance and cost advantages become increasingly apparent. Those choosing to ignore the potential will dwindle as the lower operational expenses and higher performance become clear. Management and set-up of the virtual organisation requires effective and accessible support and control tools.

Thankfully, Tsplus software is at hand to help make virtual organisation a reality for your business. To find out more about TSplus Remote Access or for a free 15-day fully featured trial, check out our product pages.

TSplus Remote Access Free Trial

Ultimate Citrix/RDS alternative for desktop/app access.Secure, cost-effective,on-permise/cloud

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