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Work & Collaborate Remotely

Many software vendors offer remote collaboration software making remote work possible over the Internet. They provide a new way to co-operate, made up of user-friendly instruments for the creation of a “virtual office” , designed for professional use, equipped with all the features and the services needed to ensure high performance and above all the highest security in using it.

TSplus Software is a set of tools that makes the office workstation available and secure from anywhere via a browser. Just add your favourite visio-networking software and you can collaborate from any place on the globe.

TSplus Remote Access Free Trial

Ultimate Citrix/RDS alternative for desktop/app access.Secure, cost-effective,on-permise/cloud

Work & Collaborate Remotely

TSplus Remote Access is targeted at professionals, from Small and Medium Companies, Organizations, Work Groups, etc. It has a combination of aims. A primary aim is to increase efficiency in and out of the office by making distant working seamless and in keeping with what is possible at the office. At TSplus, we think this should be done simply and securely but without breaking the bank.

Affordable Remote Work Software

Networking software can improve the collaboration among colleagues and with suppliers and clients located wherever they may be in the World. Adding a user-friendly remote working tool to that is all it takes to get your staff mobile and connected. TSplus has chosen to use what is already there to do this: Microsoft RDP. With affordable permanent licenses, a secure product and in-house support, there is nothing left to keep SMBs from distant working as easily as big corporations.

Connect to Collaborate Remotely

Looking for a solution to collaborate remotely? You have come to the right place. Indeed, TSplus Remote Access supports secure single sign-on via our web portal. Once the simple set-up steps completed by the admin or IT team, each authorised user can remotely access their own console session on their office PC from their home computer or tablet, as though they were at their desk. All they need is their credentials, their favourite browser and an Internet connection.

Secure Distant Work Features

TSplus Remote Access presents a great range of built-in functions developed and supported by our own in-house teams:

It is self-hosted on-premises or in the cloud on a single server acting as a gateway, brokering connections between remote users and their office desktops. Thanks to this, no company data is ever out in the open.

SSL certificates are a clear mark of security, stamping your HTTPS connection with validity. 2FA is included in bundles with TSplus Remote Access . Frequent security updates keep your products up to date via our Update/Support package. TSplus Advanced Security is a perfect add-on which will make online traffic safe and keep threats at bay.

Simple User-friendly Remote Collaboration

TSplus as a company targets simplicity and ease of use for all its products. Customers can therefore expect user-friendly tools. The TSplus Remote Work console is part of these. The Admin Tool has been designed and developed for a fluid experience in all steps: from initial set-up, through user, appearance and settings configuration, to portal customisation and branding.

Work Remotely like at the Office

All the essential features needed in a remote work tool are present. First there are Remote Access, of course, and the Web Portal for connection from any browser and on any device. Then there is Session Capture which enables users to pick up where they left off to finish tasks and work in progress. Next, you have the all-important Remote Printing possibilities. And then, Multiple Users, makes it possible for users on different shifts to share remote access on a same workstation.

Beyond these distant working features, a whole panel of application publishing and network and server administration possibilities open up to TSplus Remote Access clients and users. Each added feature is carefully picked since we value simplicity and efficiency while still seeking to develop a comprehensive tool.

TSplus Secure Remote Collaboration: Affordable, Simple, Connected, Anywhere!

Whether it is simply to enable home working, to maximise productivity in times of distant working, for easier administration of your infrastructure or to decrease the IT budget, TSplus Remote Access has just what it takes. Here you can find more details about the product and its features and access downloads. Also, for prerequisites and the like, check out the 5-min quick-start guide for any of our products.

TSplus Remote Access Free Trial

Ultimate Citrix/RDS alternative for desktop/app access.Secure, cost-effective,on-permise/cloud

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