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TSplus Remote Access is our flagship product. It is a remote desktop and application publishing solution. Indeed, thanks to this software, you can directly access your office computer from home. The same goes for any device for which you enable it. So for any member your staff and teams it is a PC-to-PC remote gateway portal: a software solution for remote work.

Software Solution to Enable Remote Work from Anywhere on Any Device

Remote Access gives distant access to each workstation by their user from anywhere with an Internet connection. All this thanks to HTML5. From the Web browser on any device, users can remotely log into their workstation using their credentials. When they access their desktop, it is as they left it the last time they logged in and worked. It doesn’t matter where they were or what device they previously used.

TSplus Remote Access Software - a Solution for Versatile Team Mobility

Remote Access is a straight forwards tool to enable home and remote work. This PC-to-PC remote gateway solution will grant employees direct remote access to their individual office Workstation. They can access it from their home PC or a shared workspace PC, from any laptop or tablet and even from their smartphone.

Affordable Distant Working Software Solution

TSplus Remote Access is the most affordable solution enabling seamless home working. Our software is scalable and adapted for use by SMBs to large corporations. IT teams will no longer need to fight for the right budget since such efficient and user-friendly a tool at a price that won’t scare off the finance manager is bound to please all parties concerned.

TSplus Software Solution for Secure PC-to-PC Distant Work

Users initiate secure remote connections to their individual workstation at the office with the login window. This is customisable to company colours. Thus, they can then work from their chosen location and on any device keeping a cohesive workplace feel. With our 2FA and Advanced Security add-ons, your company data and files are safe and benefit from 360° protection.

Access Desktops Via a Secure Single Sign-on Web Portal

The Remote Work Server gives businesses and organisations the ability to create a secure single sign-on web portal which acts as a remote desktop gateway. This means users can remotely access their office PC. Their credentials for the single sign-on Web portal will securely open the console session of their workstation in any browser.

PC-to-PC Remote Gateway Portal: Secure Solution for Remote Work Access

The server on which TSplus Remote Access is hosted manages connexions between remote users and their office desktops. This gateway, as a web server, offers an easy-to-use and secure web portal. Companies can opt to self-host on-premises or in the cloud, keeping all their data where they want. This avoids exposing any information or files to the public.

As a Conclusion: a Software Solution for Remote Working

I’ve talked in another article of the many advantages to enabling distant working within a business of any size.

TSplus Remote Access is a tool for that task which is easy to implement, affordable, secure and efficient.

To see for yourself our software's user-friendliness or any feature, you can download or read more now. So, why not use the software for up to 15 days for free before buying.

TSplus Remote Access Free Trial

Ultimate Citrix/RDS alternative for desktop/app access.Secure, cost-effective,on-permise/cloud

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