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Are you ready to learn how to remotely connect to a computer and easily make your workforce mobile? Globalisation and mobility have become a daily concern for many companies. Businesses refusing distant working are even seeing an unforeseen exodus of staff towards employers who organise regular home work into the week. With this new trend of expected telework, employees have come to expect a certain mobility and versatility. Indeed, technology has changed the face of many jobs. It has also released numbers of fields of work from the routine of office attendance and commuting. Read on for how to connect to remote a desktop and our quick way to grant remote access to staff so they can remotely use their office workstations as though they were in the office: TSplus Remote Work .

How to Remotely Connect to a Computer

RDP is a conveniently inbuilt protocol that has been present for well over 20 years now in server-level Windows PCs. Remote Desktop Protocol remains one of the main ways of enabling remote access to a server or computer. Like many other remote solutions, TSplus software uses RDP. In this field, TSplus Remote Work could be labelled as an out-of-the-box way of implementing a remote work organisation for your business.

How to Connect a Remote Desktop

How can any users on a staff team to be able to connect to their office computer from a remote location? The TSplus Gateway Broker establishes a secure connection between a worker’s remote device and their dedicated office PC. Via our single sign-on Web portal, staff can enter their credentials. Thus, you can give your teams a secure remote access to their office PC and work seamlessly from wherever they left their session. Thanks to any web-browser, workers can therefore connect and work from any device anywhere so long as they have the Internet.

Security Concerns When You Remotely Connect to a Computer

The Secure Web portal is carefully built and, once connected, the HTML5 client will not only appear as you have customised it visually. Security and use settings are also customisable, for a safer user experience and to restrict permissions (files, actions, etc.) to authorised personnel.

Data stays within the company’s in-house network, safe behind the company firewall. TSplus Remote Work itself is self-hosted. Therefore, you can choose whether to have a dedicated server either on-premises or in the cloud.

By adding TSplus Advanced Security and TSplus 2FA , you can implement strong security which will guard your network and data. Amongst other things, it will enable you to set work-hours and name devices for each of your users. All this, as well as choose whether sessions time-out and are logged out when idle o when the end of the set working hours arrives.

Affordable way to Connect to a Remote Desktop

Compared to other providers, TSplus software is noticeably affordable. Our life-long licences make for sensible one-off billing for most of our products. You then only need to count a small regular fee to receive our regular compatibility updates and dedicated support. For more information about our Updates and Support service, feel free to visit our pricing pages.

Another reason we think our software is such good value-for-money is the versatility and efficiency it opens-up to your company. Indeed, a workstation can be assigned to a number of employees working different shifts. Also, session capture will mean any user can resume their work where they left off. And finally, staff can easily print to local printers or to PDF. Saving money while boosting productivity will benefit any business.

As a conclusion: How to Remotely Connect to a Computer

So, if you are looking for a solution to make your workforce mobile in a jiffy turn to TSplus Remote Work . Here is a versatile yet affordable solution to connect to office workstations from a distance. Just in case you’re still hesitating, what’s more, you will manage it from our simple admin console. Plus, you can customise the web portal to your company colours, with your logos and more.

TSplus Remote Access Free Trial

Ultimate Citrix/RDS alternative for desktop/app access.Secure, cost-effective,on-permise/cloud

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