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Remote working, remote access, remote control, remote support, are all facets of work a large portion of the population has discovered over the past 3 years. Where Remote View is concerned, it is a great description of what TSplus Remote Work and similar software do. They make it possible to see our workstation while we are out of office for any reason.

That means we can pick things up exactly where we left them, mid-sentence even, never mind the time-zone, languages spoken, altitude or temperature of the place we may find ourselves. Tempting, right.

How to Remote View - What is it?

It could be described as a secure tunnel into the office workstation. If you have the key to the tunnel door, then you can follow it into that specific device. The process is just the same as how your credentials would let you into your device, were you sat in front of it. Only, it happens over a secure Internet connection. With TSplus, all this happens over HTML5 with TLS encryption because of how important it is to keep data safe.

How to Remote View - What does it do?

Once logged into the remote device, users can view its screen and work as they would at the office. Each user can open his or her files, modify, process and sort them, access all they would normally access on office premises, up to corporate data and internal networks. Interestingly, this goes on without any of it actually leaving the office since what happens amounts to an image being projected on the local screen.

How to Remote View - What is isn’t!

Remote viewing does not mean you have control of the actual device on a system level. Unlike remote support and control software which will let you change, update, fix, repair, this sort of action is not included. The same goes for application publishing, one of the primary features of Remote Access . Where applications are concerned, they will be accessible according to whether they are included on the workstation or not. There is no publishing action required since the desktop is available as a whole. Though, similarly for all these, any of this is only available to the specified person once their credentials have been validated.

How to Remote View - Prior to Setting Up

Two questions prior to beginning: Are there any hardware or network prerequisites? How does your system support the software? Here , you can see our compatibility list for TSplus Remote Access, as part of our Quick-start Guide.

How to Remote View - Setting Up

Once those checks are done, download and run our Remote Access software program. After the host machine has been restarted, it is time to set up. This is a job best done by administrators or IT staff on the device chosen to be the server which will broker connections. The gateway through which connections will transit, as it may be.

Also, each workstation will need to be added, then assigned to users accordingly, etc. It is worth noting you can assign multiple users to specific workstations, enabling staggered use of devices by members of staff working different shifts. Customisation and branding of the Web Portal and any windows that users will open could also be done at this point.

How to Remote View – Up and Running!

This done, your staff will simply need their credentials to remote view their work PC desktop over HTML5. Whether for home-working or on business trips, their credentials will give them access to their files and projects and get to work.

There is no device restriction due to the use of a Web Portal. Thus, businesses are not forced to provide particular PCs or laptops, though some may prefer to provide company devices anyhow. Teams or users who prefer to use a different OS have the freedom to do so. Other yet will be able to work from their tablet or smartphone.

Conclusion on How to Remote View

No more need for USB sticks, so easily lost. No need even to have corporate cloud storage which may be an additional cost for which you don't want to budget. Thanks to TSplus Remote Access, each worker is able to access to their workstation and to remotely view it from any device anywhere, as long as they have an Internet connexion and their credentials.

What’s more, their remote experience will still have a company flavour thanks to the branding options. This will provide your teams with a sense of cohesion wherever they are. So why wait? Try Remote Access here.

TSplus Remote Access Free Trial

Ultimate Citrix/RDS alternative for desktop/app access.Secure, cost-effective,on-permise/cloud

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