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Whether you wish to remote into a server for application management, updating, fixing or any other purpose, chances are you’ll be using one generalised way. Indeed, the question of how to RDP into a server is often asked because of RDP. The protocol has been available by default on most Windows devices for over 20 years by now.

Pre-requisites and Necessary Information

Before we start, there is one prerequisite to establishing an RDP connection into any server or device. That is simply to make sure it has remote connections allowed. You can check this in settings and enable remote connections if need be.

Also, bear in mind it can be unsafe to remote into devices that lack valid SSL certification. If that is the case, be sure you know the server is not compromised and you trust it.

The first thing you need is the IP address of the server you want to remotely reach. The second are your login credentials: username and password.

Steps to RDP Into a Server

  • To connect from a Windows device, open the “Settings” in your “Start” menu and find “Remote Desktop and RemoteApp Connections”. This will give you access to the connection client.

  • (You can also search for it if you prefer.)

  • In the Remote Desktop Connection window, you can then enter the hostname or the IP address for the server you want to access. Validate by clicking “Connect”.

  • Next, you will be prompted to enter your login details in the login window. That done, you can click OK.

  • At this point, your remote server should display on your local screen.

How to RDP Into a Server From Other Devices

With the right application you can remote into a server from other devices such as Android or iOS smartphones and tablets. The steps to RDP into the server are similar allowing for the different OS and presentation.

Simple Affordable Alternatives Using RDP

A lot of our own software makes use of RDP to access servers and PCs. Also, via HTML5, so without any such protocol, we provide distant access from almost any device. But Remote Access and application publishing is not our only centre of attention. TSplus developers have built security, monitoring and screen sharing software to bring to our clients simple affordable tools to fit budgets from SMBs to corporate. The focus of much of our recent work has been screen sharing and control.

To Conclude on How to RDP Into a Server

With TSplus Remote Access , remoting into a server using RDP is set to be the simple and efficient and to cost less than ever. From the straight forwards set-up to the self-explanatory navigation and possibilities, click here and let Remote Access surprise you.

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