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Remote access software allows users to access and control a computer or device from a different device in a different location. Remote access technology is commonly used for various purposes, such as providing technical support, collaborating on projects or accessing files and applications on a remote machine.

If your question is “how does remote access software work”, this article is the right read. We will take a look at that followed by some highlights of how our affordable TSplus Remote Access empowers your company to web-enable applications and provide remote desktops and environments, simply and securely.

TSplus Remote Access Free Trial

Ultimate Citrix/RDS alternative for desktop/app access.Secure, cost-effective,on-permise/cloud

Here is a general overview of how remote access software works:

1. Installation and Configuration:

  • Both the host (remote computer to be accessed) and the client (local computer initiating the remote access) need to have the remote access software installed which will use the native RDP. You can download software such from a provider's website ( such as ours ) or install it through other methods (USB, etc.).

2. Establishing Remote Access Connexions:

  • The client computer initiates a connexion request to the host computer. Therefore, this request usually involves inputting a unique identifier or IP address associated with the host machine.

  • Increasingly, you will establish secure connexions which use encryption protocols (such as SSL/TLS). This ensures the privacy and security of the data being transmitted.

3. Authentication and Authorisation:

  • The host computer's remote access software verifies the connexion request. This step often involves user authentication, where the client needs to provide valid credentials (username and password) or other forms of authentication (such as two-factor authentication) to gain access.

  • Authentication complete, the software determines the level of access of the user, which could range from viewing-only access to full control of the host machine.

4. Data Transmission and Encryption:

  • Any data transmitted between the client and host computers, including screen images and input commands, is typically encrypted to ensure security and privacy. This prevents unauthorised interception and access.

5. How to Terminate Remote Access Connexions:

  • Finally, when the remote session is complete, the client can choose to disconnect from the host computer. Alternatively, the host user can also terminate the session.

Additional Specifics of How Remote Access Software Works

Here are a few more specific aspects of the way remote access functions.

"Replication" of the User Interface:

  • The remote access software displays or in other words "replicates" the host computer's screen on the client device. This, hence, allows the remote user to see and control in real time exactly what is happening on the screen of the host machine.

  • Depending on the software, what is displayed might include the entire desktop with or without its file system, or one or more specific applications in their own floating windows, or whatever administrators parameter for the user.

Input and Control:

  • The client can interact with the host computer as with a local device. The remote access software sends the input commands through its interface. Inputs include actions such as clicking, typing, dragging and scrolling.

  • The software then transmits these input commands to the host machine in real time. In turn, the host device processes them as though they were entered directly using the its physical keyboard, mouse or other.

How Does Remote Access Software Work: An Important Security Note:

While remote access software is incredibly useful, it also poses security risks. Unauthorised access to a computer can lead to data breaches and privacy violations. Therefore, it is essential to follow best practice guidelines, such as using strong passwords, making sure TLS/SSL type encryption are active and keeping software up to date.

So, within that framework, how does TSplus Remote Access work?

Next is a run-down of what our very own TSplus Remote Access does and how it works. I have based this on the most recent version of our software.

TSplus: Empowering Seamless Remote Desktop Access Software and Application Delivery

TSplus Remote Access stands as an exceptional alternative to Citrix and Microsoft RDS in offering an affordable yet robust solution for remote desktop access and Windows application delivery. With the ability to transform legacy applications into web-enabled assets, to create Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offerings and to establish remote access to your centralised corporate tools and files, TSplus Remote Access caters to a diverse range of needs.

Encrypted Connections and Cost-Effectiveness

Our software prioritises security through encrypted connections, ensuring the confidentiality of your data and the safety of your infrastructure. With its permanent licences, TSplus Remote Access is not only secure but also cost-effective, delivering substantial value for your investment.

Flexibility: Deploy TSplus Remote Access On-Premises or Cloud-Based

You have the freedom to choose between on-premises and cloud-based deployment, adapting the solution to your specific infrastructure and requirements. Users can interact with Windows-based applications and desktops intuitively and therefore nearly instantly.

Web-Enabled Centralised Applications

You can choose to host your business applications in your corporate data centre or in a cloud server. Any applications can thus be web-enabled within a few clicks on the TSplus Remote Access admin console. In turn, our software effectively generates sessions for authorised users to securely access from any device and browser. TSplus Remote Access so far achieves accessibility across various devices such as PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets by leveraging RDP by varied means including with our HTML5 client.

Alternative to Citrix and RDS: Simple, Affordable and Secure TSplus Remote Software

TSplus Remote Access distinguishes itself as an ideal alternative to competitors by ticking off an array of essentials: Remote Desktop Access, SaaS Solution Creation, Web-enabling legacy apps, local application delivery, optimising IT budgets and enhancing infrastructure security.

Today’s Pick of TSplus Remote Access Features

  • Remote Access and Application Delivery: Offer full Windows desktops and centralised Windows applications to concurrent remote users in only a few clicks.

  • Connection Modes: Provide standard remote desktops, launch menu-based applications and access web-enabled apps through the built-in Web Portal using any browser and device. You can also choose standard mstsc.exe or any other four means of connexion .

  • TSplus Remote Access Admin Tool: Manage configuration and controls centrally with our easy-to-use administration tool.

  • Security: Ensure secure, end-to-end encrypted connections. Benefit from frequent security updates and the option to add TSplus Advanced Security and its tools.

  • Farm Features: Facilitate access to multiple servers securely, distribute load and maintain failover support through TSplus Gateway Portal and Load Balancing.

  • Farm Management: As well as load balancing, features include reverse proxy and a broad scalability. TSplus Remote Access can become your company’s gateway portal. Thus, you can easily grant secure remote access to chosen servers and by specified users, according to what you decide.

Tailored Remote Access Licensing: Scalable And Affordable Prices

TSplus Remote Access offers perpetual and affordable licenses. The web store allows customisation based on number of users, years of updates and support, and whether you choose only one product (Edition) or “bundle” them together to save with increasing numbers.

Options include the Desktop Edition, Web Mobile Edition and Enterprise Edition, each catering to specific needs and budgets. The licences, whether "Edition" only or "Bundle", can be completed with our Updates and Support services, which is available on subscription per year, or longer.

For the sake of this example, I checked TSplus Remote Access prices for 3 Users with 1 year Updates & support included and Edition (Not Bundle):

Desktop Edition: $182 (Add to cart $ 61 /user)

Web Mobile Edition: $254 (Add to cart at $ 85 /user)

Enterprise Edition: $290 (Add to cart at $ 97 /user)

It is now up to you to find out what would best suit your company and try our software. Still, one last note about the web-shop before we move on to conclude: there are small information notes doted around the page in important places to guide along and explain things (Just hover over the question marks.). This makes the whole experience friendlier and less complicated that many another online shopping site.

You will find such attention goes into all we do, be it within our software, support, website... Such small yet central details are part of what we think makes our added value, one of our secret ingredients if you like.

To Conclude "How Does Remote Access Software Work?":

In conclusion, Remote Access software is versatile and offers a freedom of usage to the companies knowing how to harness its potential. More specifically, TSplus Remote Access provides an exceptional value proposition, combining comprehensive remote desktop access and application delivery with security, scalability and cost-effectiveness.

Whether you are seeking remote access to legacy applications, providing SaaS solutions or enhancing your infrastructure's security, TSplus Remote Access is a well-established solution trusted by over 500,000 companies. So, why wait to benefit from permanent licences with long-lasting value, saving on IT and training costs: avoid app redevelopment or expensive alternatives and use our simple affordable software.

TSplus Remote Access Free Trial

Ultimate Citrix/RDS alternative for desktop/app access.Secure, cost-effective,on-permise/cloud

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