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Due to the advent of ADSL and Fibre and global efforts to democratise access to the Internet, Web access has become more widespread with faster, more reliable and 'always on' connections becoming the norm. In parallel, the use of remotely accessed or hosted applications continues to expand. Let us see how cloud or locally hosted applications will suit varied situations and customers, bringing benefits both similar and different to many individuals and organizations.

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What is a Hosted Application?

Unlike standard set-ups where software is installed locally and in-house, hosted application set-ups belong to the not so old concept of the Cloud and could need a little explaining.

A hosted application may be called Internet-based application, web-based application, online application and is available from Application Service Providers (ASPs). Each of these describes any software application where the software resides on servers that are accessed through the Internet instead of being installed on either a local server or on individual PC's.There are numerous examples of hosted applications providers. Their fields range across many areas of business.

Thin Clients as a Derived Benefit of Networking

The Thin Client concept is nothing new but advances in Internet connectivity have allowed the applications to be available from remote servers accessed over the Internet as well as from local servers and networks.

Low Maintenance for Published and Hosted Applications

With hosted applications the hardware and software are the responsibility of the vendor, while the client only has to maintain access to the Internet. As there is no software to download, a hosted application can be made instantly available across an entire organization even where the organization has multiple regional and international offices. Cutting on multiple installations also completely eliminates the considerable time and resources required for periodic updates.

With application publishing, all the same benefits come into play for different reasons with an added perk. Since everything remains on the company servers, wherever they may be, there is still no installation or downloading. The remote access enables the appearance of the application to be projected on the distant devices, according to any permissions given (whole desktop, particular applications, a floating panel, specific files…) to the various users.

Added Perk of Application Publishing

The inestimable added advantage of publishing applications to the Web with TSplus is that they are the exact ones you’ve always used, no learning curve involved. And of course, it works for all your legacy applications too, seamlessly.

Reduced Cost of Published and Hosted Applications

The need to license software through a 'per user', 'per concurrent user', 'per server' or 'site' license is often absent for Web hosted applications since many have taken the opportunity to charge on a 'usage' and/or 'period' basis. Customers need not estimate the number of licenses required, nor install and pay for full licenses that may only be used by some employees occasionally.

TSplus has chosen to keep the scalability of the 'per user', 'per server' calculation as it enables companies to grow their set-up with their business.

Minimal Risk with Published and Hosted Applications

Many hosted applications require no long-term commitment from their customers. New customers can often test hosted applications either through a free introductory offer or with minimal risk using a Pay-As-You-Go model. If after the trial the customer finds it unsuitable, then they can simply stop using the service. Similarly, TSplus Remote Access licenses can be tried for 15 days for free before buying.

Access to Published and Hosted Applications

With both methods, applications and data are available to the authorized clients once they have logged on from anywhere with Internet access. Users can now work anywhere in the office environment, from remote offices or from their home or hotel without the need to download their work or synchronize with portable devices.

Integration of Published and Hosted Applications

For organizations that have legacy systems from different suppliers running different operating systems hosted applications may provide an integrated solution. With TSplus Remote Access , there is no doubt your legacy applications will go anywhere you go.

Support of Published and Hosted Applications

Neither option need maintain multiple versions or individual maintenance and licensing agreements. New updates are installed centrally negating the need for expensive roll outs. In some cases, a user may request a new feature in the morning that can be developed, tested and deployed globally by the afternoon.

Any Concerns?

Internet access for Published and Hosted Applications

New communication technology is able to bring high speed Internet connectivity to more and more remote places but there are still some regions where internet access is limited or not available.

In some cases, although high speed Internet connectivity is available, costs in terms of connectivity charges and equipment may prove to be prohibitive, at least in the short term.

Security & Data Protection with Published and Hosted Applications

As with everything to do with the Internet security is a justified concern. Solutions to a security issue will depend on the specific hosted application and the nature of the data. Anyhow, vendors should be able to provide their clients with sufficient confidence that the data is secure and that any private information remains private. With TSplus Remote Access, much of these security aspects are safe behind the company firewall since no actual company data or information is processed out on the Internet.

Providers will normally operate a login procedure ensuring that only those that are authorized have access. The more sensitive the data, the more sophisticated the login procedure.

A good data host will strictly implement the stated wishes of their customers and ensure that data is not available or released to anyone that is not legally entitled to see it. They will also adopt the latest security measures available to prevent unauthorized access.

Some areas, for example automatic logins from known PCs or the use of cookies, may not seem a direct risk. They nonetheless present dangers under certain circumstances, such as gaining access to a private account through the automatic login using an unattended PC. Although strictly speaking the customer's responsibility the customer should be made aware of the risks so that they can take action to safeguard their own system. This is where TSplus 2FA and TSplus Advanced Security play their part, ensuring unwanted access is cut down due to the extra pass-code plus features like working hours and home country.

Vendor Lock-In with Subscriptions

As with any subscription there is a risk that a customer could become locked-in to paying costly repeat fees to maintain access to their historic data. To counter this some applications will allow the data to be downloaded or allow customer to maintain access to their data for a reasonable time free of charge. TSplus avoids this by storing none of a company’s data.

Control of Published and Hosted Applications

Some may prefer application publishing simply because they want to keep control. Indeed, remotely hosted hardware and software is under the control of a third party. Though justifiable, this concern is similar to telephone providers supplying and maintaining the communications equipment. It is in the vendors’ interest to ensure high availability and reliability since their business depends on it.

In Conclusion

Overall, it is clear that according to the size of the company and its potential remote use of applications, you may have a preference straight off. TSplus has chosen application publishing for its affordability, ease of set-up and maintenance and simplicity of management and upkeep. To test our solutions for free, click here .

TSplus Remote Access Free Trial

Ultimate Citrix/RDS alternative for desktop/app access.Secure, cost-effective,on-permise/cloud

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