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Remote Access for Netsmart

Empower Netsmart Apps with TSplus Remote Access: Achieve seamless connectivity and unparalleled security. Enjoy concurrent remote access for users through RDP or HTML5 client connections. Cost-effective and stable with perpetual licenses for long-term support.


five stars review on google

4.9 out of 5

five stars review on sourceforge

4.8 out of 5

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4.8 out of 5

five stars review on trustpilot

4.7 out of 5


five stars review on google

4.9 out of 5

five stars review on sourceforge

4.8 out of 5

five stars review on g2

4.8 out of 5

five stars review on trustpilot

4.7 out of 5

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For Netsmart solution providers, achieving secure, multi-device remote access is often a costly and intricate task.

TSplus Remote Access provides seamlessly integrating with Netsmart systems. This ensures efficient multi-user remote access, enhancing user experience without compromising robust security.

Beyond its cost-effectiveness, TSplus Remote Access eliminates the need for extensive development, making it an essential tool. It simplifies system accessibility with both efficacy and simplicity.

Real-World Applications

Empower administrative staff with remote access to critical Netsmart tools, facilitating streamlined processes and efficient management.

Grant instant access to comprehensive Netsmart databases and resources, empowering both professionals and staff with valuable information.

Streamline operations by providing seamless remote access to essential tools and resources for enhanced efficiency within Netsmart's server farm.

Transition from traditional Netsmart workspaces to virtual access, reducing infrastructure costs and maintenance for a more agile environment.

Support Netsmart's scalability by enabling 3 to 50+ concurrent sessions per server, ensuring efficient scaling to accommodate thousands of users with customized applications and connection modes.

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Key Benefits

Tailored Solutions

Highlight TSplus as an optimal solution for Managed Service Providers (MSPs), providing specialized features and a comprehensive partner program with a revenue-sharing model.

Protection Netsmart's data

Implement advanced security measures, including modern TLS encryption, Let's Encrypt SSL integration, and the TSplus Advanced Security Add-on, ensuring comprehensive protection for Netsmart's data.

Optimal solution

Position TSplus Remote Access as the optimal solution for managing Netsmart's large server farms, providing efficiency, scalability, and superior performance compared to traditional alternatives.

Long-Term Stability

Showcase the advantage of perpetual licenses, providing Netsmart with long-term stability and continuous access to TSplus Remote Access features.

Adaptable Access Modes

Tailor access using RDP, RemoteApp, or HTML5, ensuring adaptability for tasks and an optimal user experience within Netsmart.

Centralized License

Simplify licensing through a centralized portal, managing activations, renewals, and upgrades effortlessly within the Netsmart environment.

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TSplus Remote Access Web Enables Netsmart Worldwide

Revolutionize your Netsmart with TSplus Remote Access, featuring heightened security, customized access controls, remote printing, and streamlined single sign-on. Effortlessly extend your Netsmart operations to a worldwide scale with security and cost-effectiveness.

TSplus is your choice for a unified and efficient Netsmart experience across the globe.


Frequently asked questions

How does TSplus Remote Access facilitate web enablement for Netsmart?

TSplus enables seamless web access to Netsmart applications, allowing integrators and end-users to transform their operations for enhanced accessibility. By providing a secure and efficient platform for web enablement, TSplus empowers organizations to leverage Netsmart applications from any location, streamlining workflows and improving productivity.

What are the key benefits of using TSplus for web enabling Netsmart?

TSplus ensures secure, efficient, and cost-effective web enablement, offering heightened security features, streamlined operations, and a global scale experience. By providing robust security measures, streamlined operations, and flexible licensing options, TSplus enhances the overall user experience and ensures optimal performance for Netsmart applications.

Can TSplus Remote Access be customized for specific Netsmart applications and workflows?

Yes, TSplus allows integrators and end-users to tailor the solution for their specific Netsmart needs, ensuring a personalized and efficient experience. With customizable features and flexible configurations, TSplus enables organizations to adapt the platform to their unique workflows, maximizing productivity and efficiency in Netsmart operations.

How does TSplus contribute to a secure environment for Netsmart?

TSplus integrates advanced security measures, including encrypted connections, access controls, and regular security updates, ensuring a secure environment for Netsmart operations. By prioritizing security, TSplus provides organizations with peace of mind, knowing that their sensitive data and operations are protected from potential cyber threats.

Does TSplus Remote Access support collaborative work on Netsmart applications through web enablement?

Absolutely. TSplus enables seamless collaboration on Netsmart applications, providing a unified and efficient experience for teams working remotely. With features such as file sharing, real-time communication, and multi-user access, TSplus fosters collaboration and teamwork, enabling organizations to achieve their goals more effectively.

What role does TSplus play in ensuring a smooth transition to Netsmart operations?

TSplus facilitates a smooth transition by offering a user-friendly interface, customizable access controls, and efficient management of Netsmart applications. By providing organizations with the tools and support they need to migrate to Netsmart seamlessly, TSplus ensures minimal disruption to operations and a positive user experience throughout the transition process.

How can TSplus Remote Access contribute to the scalability of Netsmart solutions?

TSplus supports scalable solutions, allowing integrators and end-users to expand Netsmart operations effortlessly as business needs evolve. With features such as load balancing, flexible licensing options, and centralized management capabilities, TSplus enables organizations to scale their Netsmart solutions efficiently.

Can TSplus be integrated with existing Netsmart systems for web enablement?

Yes, TSplus is designed for easy integration with existing Netsmart systems, offering a hassle-free web enablement solution. By seamlessly integrating with Netsmart applications and infrastructure, TSplus enables organizations to leverage their existing investments while enhancing accessibility and collaboration through web enablement.

What kind of support and updates does TSplus offer for maintaining Netsmart environments?

TSplus provides regular updates, support services, and compatibility enhancements to ensure the stability and security of Netsmart operations. With a dedicated support team and ongoing development efforts, TSplus ensures that organizations receive timely updates and assistance to maintain optimal performance and reliability in their Netsmart environments.

How does TSplus Remote Access help in optimizing costs for web-enabled Netsmart solutions?

TSplus offers a cost-effective web enablement solution, providing perpetual licenses, customizable licensing options, and a partner program for budget-conscious businesses. By offering flexible licensing models and competitive pricing, TSplus enables organizations to optimize costs while maximizing the value and benefits of their web-enabled Netsmart solutions.

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