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Unlocking Digital Transformation with the Farm Manager API

In an era where digital transformation is paramount, APIs (Application Programming Interface) play a pivotal role in enabling businesses to digitize, connect, and innovate across their products and services. TSplus recognizes this and introduces the Farm Manager API, a powerful tool accessible via HTTPS on port 19956. This API empowers Remote Access users to streamline server administration, adjust reverse proxy settings, and fine-tune load-balancing weights with ease. For detailed documentation, visit the online documentation.

Benefits of the Farm Manager API Integration for Server Administration

The integration of the Farm Manager API brings a host of benefits to Remote Access users, including:

  • Simplified Operations: Streamline server management tasks and enhance operational agility.

  • Improved Customer Experiences : Elevate customer experiences through efficient server administration.

  • Accelerated Innovation : Drive growth and pursue new revenue opportunities with innovative API-driven strategies.

Continuous Improvement and a Glimpse into the Future

This update not only introduces the Farm Manager API but also encompasses all the latest improvements from previous versions. From compatibility enhancements to security updates, Remote Access is dedicated to providing a seamless experience.

For instance, Remote Access now allow admins to give the end-user the choice between several ways to receive verification codes for Two-Factor-Authentication (2FA app, SMS or e-mail), or enforce it.

The Virtual Printer has also been updated with more than 25 improvements included.

To explore the detailed Remote Access changelog, visit the online changelog . The remarkable work from TSplus Dev team sets the stage for an outstanding V17 scheduled for release in 2024.

Try Remote Access Today

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