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Check our TSplus’ new video featuring the Web App, the easiest RDS Web Access to your office Applications. Connect to your office in a click from any device and OS thanks to this HTML5 remote desktop solution.

Publish and Access Your Apps on the Web with RDS Web Access

TSplus software has more than 10 year experience providing remote access to professional applications and office desktops. With four different editions, TSplus is able to offer scalable solutions, adapted to every need and compatible with all OS and device types.

The Mobile Web Edition is a best seller: TSplus leverages HTML5 technology to create smooth remote desktop web access. Customers benefit from an alternative remote desktop connection meaning other than the classic Windows RDS tool. The full-web remote desktop supports connections from any browser: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari…

The built-in HTTPS Web Server and Webmaster toolkit allow companies to create their own customized web application portal, secured with SSH tunneling and web credentials such as PIN code or email address. Publishing Windows and legacy apps online and assigning them to each user or group of users is super easy with the intuitive AdminTool.

TSplus RDS Web Access has been developed for the best Remote to Desktop experience: fast file transfers, sound and clipboard support like a native RDP connection, no driver needed regardless of the end-user device.

Users can login into this secure area with their tablets or smartphone from wherever they are, with no worries about platform compatibility as it would be with Windows Remote Desktop for Android or Chrome Remote Desktop. All they need to access their apps is an internet connection!

Seamless RDS Web Access with the Progressive Web App

In order to make mobile remote access even easier, TSplus has developed its own Progressive Web App. Since the 12.70 release, TSplus customers with Mobile Web and Enterprise licenses can turn their remote desktop online into a native-like application directly accessible from their home screen or desktop.

How does the TSplus Web App work?

The TSplus Web Portal integrates modern HTML5 display features and browser APIs to offer a seamless rds web access experience, which looks and feels like a local app.

As the TSplus Web App is a web-based application, it follows the Web Portal’s requirements and does not ask for complexe installation nor any specific connection clients. It works fine on all device types, displaying industry standards for HTML5 and respecting common communication protocols.

However, it does behave like a native app with screen-size flexibility, engaging notifications and a local icon for a quick start.

Installing the Web App is as fast as enabling remote desktop on a workstation. Navigate with your favorite web browser secured with HTTPS to your Corporate Web Portal, and select the option to install the App. A few clicks later, a shortcut is automatically created on your home screen. The color, name of the icon and other settings can be easily managed from the TSplus AdminTool.

You can always refer to the small installation guide which is also included in the program.

What are the benefits of the Web App over a local app?

Our Web App offers many advantages compared to using connection clients or legacy apps.

Watch the following video to understand these great features in less than two minutes:


  • Higher performance: Faster load times, Lower data usage

  • Seamless user experience: Native-Like characteristics

  • Better productivity: Direct Connection and Multitasking Options

  • Multi-platform: Compatible with any device and OS

  • Safe: Connections are secure with HTTPS/TLS

With the TSplus Web App, RDS Web Access to the corporate office is at your fingertip!


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