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The pandemic has changed daily operations for many businesses. It means a different way of living and earning. This includes the work-from-home scheme where employees are moved out of the corporate office to continue working from their homes. Due to this, the need for secure remote access during COVID-19 has been highlighted.

The Scenario: An Increased Need for Secure Remote Access

The increased use of computers for businesses has its pros and cons. It means a possibility to earn even during this time of crisis. It also means risks when it comes to data, whether that of the owner or third parties. There is also an increased need to have reliable remote access, but this may take time due to equipment and connectivity requirements.

Users have too many questions at the back of their minds because of this change. "How can I access my files without a security breach?" "How do I securely connect to a meeting online?" This is certainly new for many, most especially those who just thought of this as an option because they were displaced due to COVID-19.

Some Platforms are Taking Advantage of the Situation : How to Find the right Remote Access solution?

This change has brought opportunities for those selling software, and other IT-related products that can help make lives easier for those working at home. There are those offering free trial licensing for a certain period of time. There are those ready to provide online support whenever needed. Others deploy IT personnel to help. Behind this is a specialized remote network that takes care of most of the complexities for them.  Reality is it will take some time to setup the entire system so that employees can connect to their corporate network using direct access.

The Importance of Security

Remote working schemes are as vital as those done on business establishments. This necessitates security at all times. Alongside this, there is a need for the right tools including apps, licenses and hardware, in order to make the entire experience as seamless as possible. Likewise, secure connections must also be in place for the corporate office. Strict authentication protocols as well as access controls must be put in place.

Security plans must also account for the reality that many workers utilize their personal devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops. There are also home-based firewalls forming part of this security concern. The TSplus range of Remote Desktop Application Delivery products simplifies that entire process. Access controls and connection security are handled on the corporate server end of things. There are available connection clients for any type of device. TSplus Advanced Security provides a centralized Cybersecurity control center that keeps your remote access environment safe and healthy for remote users.

Get the security you need for remote access during this time. Visit TSplus.net to check out the entire range of solutions. All TSplus products are available for download as a 15 day/5 user trial.


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