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TSplus has developed its own RPA Connector in collaboration with MuleSoft, the integration and API platform recently acquired by Salesforce to connect apps, data, and devices. The new product enables the running of multiple parallel digital tasks on a single Windows system.

Making the Most of Robotic Process Automation by MuleSoft

Previously known as Servicetrace and now owned by Salesforce, MuleSoft is an integration and automation platform for implementing and deploying RPA projects across an entire company. The Robotic Process Automation makes it easy to manage software robots for the need of automatic business processes like ERP, finance applications and CRM such as Salesforce.   The MuleSoft RPA Connector connects robots and applications to enable real-time synchronisation and central management, a key for digital transformation.   As a software company specialized in remote access and application publishing, TSplus develops solutions for businesses to safely web-enable their business applications and provide secure remote connections to users so they can work, regardless of their location or device. TSplus and MuleSoft have combined their technologies to design the TSplus RPA Connector for Windows : an easy-to-use software connector which allows multiple parallel MuleSoft process sessions to run on any PC with a single MuleSoft RPA Bot.   This specific program makes it possible, on a Windows server or workstation, to design and run Windows software robots capable of learning, reproducing and executing rule-based business processes. The bots analyse the digital operations carried out by human beings and execute them the exact same way, except faster and more efficiently.   With the TSplus-RPA Connector installed on their central server, organizations only need to design automatic processes once to easily deploy them on a larger scale rather than installing multiple RPA bots across the network. Pre-requisites: W10, W11 or Windows servers. To purchase, visit https://www.tsplus-rpa.com/ Download and test any TSplus product free for 15 days . Download

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