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A month ago, TSplus released a modernized version of Server Genius, renamed Server Monitoring; a comprehensive monitoring and reporting tool for RDS infrastructures. Since then, customer feedback has already enabled the developer to bring a number of new features and improvements for clear and accurate data collection. TSplus Server Monitoring v5 was designed for On-site and Cloud-Hosted IT infrastructures. It provides real-time information about the health of Remote Desktop, Web portal and Application servers. Server Monitoring in its newest version has met success from the start, thanks to two assets:

  • It is quick and easy to install ( see online documentation ), with very little configuration and a handy Administration tool to centralize all data and settings

  • It is very powerful as it enables monitoring of a complete farm of servers with thousands of users and different websites from one single place, gathering useful data and providing ready-to-use reports about the network health.

With access to vital information, IT and Network administrators can also build their own detailed reports. The customization tool provides many options to enable the creation of professional looking corporate documents with selected data compiled in easy-to-read tables and graphs.   To do so, Admins have access to the following metrics:

  • User load and application use on Remote Access application servers.

  • Traffic numbers and patterns on websites and web portals.

Server Monitoring Constantly Enhanced To be More Accurate

Based on customer feedback, new settings have been added to make server monitoring and reporting even more precise and adapted to each need. Admins now have the ability to blacklist processes that they do not want to monitor, and to see the database size as part of the reporting. There is a new option to add labels on alerts that distinguish websites alerts from server alerts.   Overall, developers at TSplus are bringing weekly improvements to keep user satisfaction high with a highly adjustable reporting tool - language updates and settings localization, additional reports data, new customization options...   The online documentation is frequently updated as well to reflect these changes and evolves with every new customer inquiry.   To know more about reporting customization and learn how to customize logos, colors, chart type of data displayed, refer to the online documentation and the "How to" articles: https://docs.terminalserviceplus.com/server-monitoring/report-customize Recent additions can be checked in the changelog . Server Monitoring can be downloaded for a 15 day free trial **.** Download

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