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The all-in-one cybersecurity software
designed for remote access.

Brute Force Defender

Protect yourself from hackers and bots

Brute Force Defender enables you to protect your public server from hackers, network scanners and brute-force robots that try to guess your Administrator login and password. Monitor Windows failed login attempts and automatically block the offending IP addresses after a pre-determined number of failures.

Easily configure the maximum logon attempts by IP address. In addition, Brute Force Defender displays the current status of the Advanced Security service, Windows Firewall, Windows Logon Audit and HTML5 web portal logs.

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Global IP Management

Easily manage IP addresses from a unified allow/block list

Manage both blocked and whitelisted IP addresses with a single list.

Conveniently search the unified IP address list to find and easily manage your access list. For example, if we searched for blocked addresses, by entering the word "blocked" on the search bar, all the blocked IPs will be displayed.

Provide meaningful descriptions to any IP addresses to quickly identify them in the future.

Add multiple blocked IP addresses to your whitelist in a single action..
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Working Hours

Limit remote access to business hours

Only authorize users or groups to connect during certain days and timeslots. It is possible to select a specific time zone depending on your user's office location.

Manage timeslot permissions for specific users or groups. If a user belongs to several groups, the most permissive permissions apply.

User sessions can be automatically disconnected at the end of the permitted timeslot.

Schedule a warning message to notify the user before they are automatically logged off.

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Manage remote access permission for users, groups and files

Secure Desktop

Configure the security level for each user or group

You can configure the security level for each user or group by selecting one of three standardized security levels crafted to the IT industry’s best practices standards:

  • Windows Mode: access to default Windows session
  • Secured Desktop Mode: access to documents, printers, Windows key and session disconnection
  • Kiosk Mode: prevent a connected user from running prohibited actions.

Administrators can easily customize the security level of each of the three standard modes to their own needs. Simply select or unselect folders, disks and applications.

Restrict the ability to right click and access the Context Menu to prevent users from performing unwanted actions.
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Endpoint Protection and Device Control

Block compromised credentials and unwanted devices

Administrators can decide whether a user can connect from any device or only specific device names. TSplus Advanced Security automatically creates a list of devices that attempt to connect, facilitating the administrator’s task of accepting or denying access from specific devices.

By pairing devices to user accounts, Endpoint Protection prevents compromised credentials from being used to access your network, because the attacker would need an authorized device to connect.

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Hacker IP Protection

Benefit from our worldwide Community blacklist of known threats

Keep your machine protected against known online attacks, on-line service abuse, malware, botnets and other cybercrime activities. Hacker IP Protection leverages the information provided by the community of Advanced Security users to automatically blacklist more than 368 million identified threats daily.
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