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Remote desktop cyber security is an issue that won’t go away, the fact is clear. So how can remote desktop Web access and any other Internet use be secure? TSplus have developed a protection tool adapted to the specifics of remote connection use such as Remote Access and Remote Support: Advanced Security .

Cyber-Security Issues concerning Remote Desktop Web Access

Internet has opened many positive possibilities and made them available to countless people around our planet. Sadly, this also has meant that malevolent users have used those same opportunities and their creativity to steal or destroy over the WWW. Whether it is installation of ransomware, malicious use of devices, robbing data and files, once a cyber-criminal has a foothold in a system, they can carry on their infiltration, sometimes un-noticed. It is paramount to avoid their entrance in a network but even more so to be able to stop them in their tracks if they do gain access, in order to avoid further damage and what is called lateral movement.

Remote Desktop Security When RDP Opens the Doors

The main Internet security issue comes with the way RDP works. indeed, to make remote connections possible, there has to be a path for data to travel, and doors to let the data through. Basically, that is what ports amount to, they are the place connection requests and data will transit through.

Therefore, it is important for one Port or another to be accessible to outside connections so that the remote connection and information exchanges can take place. Consequently, the exposed port is likely to be open to attack. And this to a much greater measure than any other part of a computer network would ever be.

Need for Remote Desktop Security

Result? The need for protection is a paramount problem to solve if standard RDP and similar remote access is to take place safely. This is where our Advanced Security software comes in with its Brute-force Defender, its known malicious IP blocker and each other well thought out feature.

Nonetheless, it is worth remembering that it is possible to use Remote Access, Remote Support and our other distant software over HTML5 only, curtailing any hardware-related Web connection worry. Some possibilities are different using this connection mode, but safety issues become centred around credentials alone.

Practical Aspects of Remote Desktop Web Access Security

Remote Desktop software (or services) enables remote access for employees in moments. Yet, it is very important to bear in mind the various security challenges it implies. RDP remains a preferred target for attackers. Additionally, securely configuring RDP holds steps that require technical knowledge and skill. The dangers expose data, systems and corporate networks. Thus, it is paramount security should be properly set up.

Here are 5 top remote software cyber-security areas to cover:

  • multi-factor authentication;

  • trustworthy security for sessions;

  • adequate protection of systems from the Internet;

  • regular constant patch and vulnerability management;

  • control, monitoring and logging of remote access and any related events.

One last thing that has important ramifications is the appropriate control of any authorisations someone may have when they are use a remote connection combined with their rights within the network.

The TSplus team have developed each part of the TSplus software suite with these issues in mind. Hence the specific security features available in Remote Access alone of how Advanced Security completes it for the strongest possible protection on all fronts. Indeed, our remote software uses SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption and TLS certificates.

Remote Desktop Security is Back Strong with TSplus Advanced Security

Now, you may like to keep the breadth of capabilities and the freedom of action related to our full use of RDP for Remote Access and Control. In that case, look no further than Advanced Security. Here is a tool which provides all you need by way of security, from a firewall to working hours and country restriction.

All-Round Remote Desktop Web Access Security

For further detail and a complete list of all Advanced Security features, simply visit our website. You can download our software and even try it for free for 15 days before buying.

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