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With the advent of computer viruses of all kinds, antivirus software installation in PCs has long been a necessity. Antivirus software comprises computer programs which strive to identify viruses and 'malware' (other malicious software), thwart their endeavours and eliminate them altogether. But is that enough to protect your IT setup?

About Antivirus Software

An antivirus software program may come installed on your computer or may be purchased and installed by you. There are quite a few 'invaders' against which a computer needs to be protected. There are viruses, worms, Trojans and so on. The best antivirus software available is geared to offer protection against the whole range of such known viruses and malware.

Protection From Cyber-Threats

The potential damages that viruses can inflict include:

deletion of files,

unauthorized access to personal data,

usage of the computer as a platform to carry out attack on other computers.

These can normally be thwarted by installing at least one of the top ten antivirus software products. Now, with the types of cyber-threats evolving and on the rise, it turns out this is generally no longer enough.

Techniques Used by Antivirus Software to Protect Your IT Setup

Antivirus software usually uses two alternative techniques. It scans files for viruses that match the definitions given in virus dictionaries or it identifies potential infection indicated by suspicious behaviour from some computer program. Usually, the best free antivirus software adopts both the techniques in parallel.

Antivirus Software Protect Your IT Setup Doesn’t Have to be Expensive

Some of the best antivirus software comes for free. However, the best antivirus software packages put special emphasis on the virus dictionary matching approach.

What Antivirus Software Can’t Look Out For

Over the years, the type of attacks has evolved. For instance, data theft has seen an alarming increase, from password cracking to identity theft through to full blown company data theft and ransoming. Another thing that has changed are the inroads for attacks have multiplied. Email is still a favourite in some cases with dangerous links or impersonations, as are infected files.

From Hacking to Prove a Skill to a Rush for “Easy money”

But there are currently many individuals and groups pretending to be in need or in dire circumstances and sending phoney calls for help to extort large amounts of money. Sometimes this can even take the shape of an online shop with offers that are too good to be true. The whole thing turning out to be a hoax once the credit card details are through. Similar ideas are at play in emails to various department within companies trying to reach particular staff to push them to share credentials or make rash decisions that will compromise a company’s data or finances.

There is also the outright use of password cracking devices or software which can be targeted at networks, via Wi-Fi amongst other routes. Many attacks are directly aimed at servers by malicious IPs. These may, for example, attempt to insert themselves into verified exchanges and try to impersonate one of the parties. Or they may simply listen in until they can steal some useful information. Crashing servers, destroying information that can’t be stolen, anything seems to become fair game.

Whatever the motivations, all of this can prove destructive for companies and individuals. But TSplus has developed a solution for complete protection.

Features to Look for to get the Best Cyber-Protection

Look for the following features in the cyber-security tools you choose:

  • Simplicity and ease of use of the software so that even a person with little knowledge of computers, viruses or networks can use and install it. TSplus Advanced Security has an ergonomic single administration console. It is easy to navigate via browser-like tabs.

  • Effectiveness in identifying threats of various kinds. Our software fends off brute-force attacks, blocks a regularly updated list of malicious IP addresses and- hunts out ransomware.

  • Efficacy in cleaning out or isolating any infected files. This so as to prevent further infection. It is another important feature well worth including. TSplus Advanced Security with even isolate the infected area so the threat cannot spread.

  • Reactivity in pulling the alarm bell: good communication of threats by the software. In the admin console, you can set who to notify, how etc. via email as well as view the surveillance in real-time.

TSplus Advanced Security pushes the protection a few steps further by enabling you to choose from which countries users can connect, at what times, from which devices and what rights they have.

Protection is only as strong as its weakest point

Whatever your antivirus software product, TSplus Advanced Security will ensure high level of security for Windows based PCs and their networks. Come and discover what peace of mind really could mean for your company. You can try and test our software for 15-days for free.

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