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Technology evolves at a rate of knots these days. Everyone seems to be speaking of this or that improvement to everyday items to which IA has been added. Paying via smartphone is becoming commonplace. Working from any place on any device, also. Amongst all these changes, one element seems stable: the need for security.
Indeed, more available and exposed than ever, IT is no exception. More than ever, whether cloud-based or self-hosted, RDP and other remote access and control possibilities all need security. And where security is concerned, TSplus Advanced Security is up to the challenge .

RDP Security for Business

One of our software products is a simple efficient and, all-importantly, affordable alternative to Microsoft RDS. This fight for industry standard software to be available to all business budgets is central to TSplus. So, in the field of IT and Internet security too, we saw the need, the work to be done, and addressed it.

TSplus Advanced Security can of course protect internal IT set-ups and networks. Yet, more specifically, it targets all aspects any business network which may be in contact with the Worldwide Web and its dangers.

Securing RDP for SMBs to Corporate Businesses

As an alternative cyber-security tool-set, Advanced Security is a thorough and robust protection for any company’s network of servers and remote set-up. Each of its features were planned or have been added with purpose.

The different parts of our IT security tool work together to form a shield for your company’s IT. Therefore, you and your employees can work from the office or from around the world while resting assured that company data is secure and well-guarded.

Keeping the Price-Tag Within SMB Reach

Nevertheless, we have made sure that TSplus Advanced Security will suit any budget , as businesses worldwide are too often stopped in their tracks by the price-tag of software products (or services) such as cyber-security. This is in spite of a trend of local and global competitors which make two kinds of offers.

Too often, security packages are either free but flimsy and ill-adapted or they are expensive, all-singing all-dancing extensive subscriptions. In the face of that, TSplus has chosen to keep to simple permanent licencing with an optional Updates and Support service.

Variety of Features for Higher Security of RDP and Remote Connections

TSplus Advanced Security bears features like Bruteforce, Homeland, Working Hours, IP management… Such tools make it adaptable to a variety of situations and of business needs and uses. IT managers can set permissions, working hours and other variables according to what users need. Such settings may also be adapted to the tasks, job positions or locations of users or groups. These are just some of the range of features in the Advanced Security tool-kit.

Endpoint Protection for a Fine-tuned Security Barrier

You can parameter the access levels for different users thanks to “Secure Desktop”, and the same for groups. These precise settings enable varying degrees of security and freedom to suit and reinforce your company’s IT security policy.

No doubt “Endpoint protection” will also serve you well. Indeed, you can pair specific devices to a particular user account and vice-versa. With this carefully set, hackers will hit a solid wall even in the event of a credentials leak. The stolen data could be of no use to them without the specific device associated to it.

As a Conclusion on Affordable RDP Security

Advanced Security is a powerful piece of software dedicated to your IT security. Designed for simplicity, efficiency and security, it is nonetheless an affordable product. You can download TSplus Advanced Security from our website now and try it for free for 15 days. For an extra layer of protection, our Two Factor Authentication add-on is also available.

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