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TSplus recently launched version 6.4. of its cybersecurity software, Advanced Security, which specializes in remote desktop security. This latest version features significant performance improvements, making it more efficient than ever before.

On January 30th, at least 14 medical centers across the United States, including Stanford Healthcare, Duke University Hospital, and Cedars-Sinai, were targeted by a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack.

In response to this threat, TSplus has added over 16,000 new IP addresses to the hacker IP list of Advanced Security, with the specific aim of combating KillNet DDoS attacks. This unique feature automatically blocks millions of well-known cybercriminal IPs, offering users efficient and visible protection against attacks.

The new IP addresses added to the list have been selected to specifically target members of the KillNet group. This feature offers a solution to institutional and public users of Advanced Security who are most at risk from such attacks.

What is KillNet?

KillNet is a pro-Russian activist hacker group that gained notoriety for its DoS and DDoS cyberattacks against government institutions and private companies in several countries during the Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022. Formed around March 2022, the group's founder is called "Killmilk." In 2022, they launched multiple attacks against institutional and governmental websites in at least seven European states, as well as against the US and Japan. These attacks were aimed at hindering actions in support of Ukraine, by making platforms inaccessible, stealing information, and destroying production systems.

Others Advanced Security Features

In addition to enhanced protection against KillNet attacks, Advanced Security version also includes performance improvements for Working Hours restriction, Bruteforce Protection, Ransomware Protection, and any database-related events. These updates include a command line to add whitelisted programs, and improved reactivity while analyzing events.

Finally, the update includes several fixes. To learn more about Advanced Security 6.4, visit the online changelog . The software is available for free download from the TSplus website.


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