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TSplus has just released an updated version of Advanced Security, the all-in-one cybersecurity program for remote desktop installations. It is the opportunity to remind users how the software can protect them against growing cyberthreats.

Fighting Against the Ever-Increasing Number of Ransomware Attacks

In 2023, cybersecurity experts predict that ransomware attacks will keep increasing, raising the ransoms to recover encrypted data to unprecedented amounts. Both public and private spheres are under threat. That is why it is crucial that organizations of all sizes, from large corporations to single-person enterprise and freelancers working from home, use the right protection.

TSplus Advanced Security includes a powerful Ransomware Protection feature, which works as a defensive shield against ransomware attacks: using advanced analysis techniques. Possessing both static and behavioral analysis to catch ransomware unknown to antivirus and antimalware software, it immediately detects and blocks attacks even before they happen. It then quarantines the suspicious documents or programs and sends a warning with details of the attack. The admin can then decide to whitelist what is considered safe. When the feature is active, it automatically checks all opened apps and files. To ensure a greater level of protection, Ransomware Protection also creates bait files in key folders where ransomware attacks often originate.

Moreover, Administrators can quickly identify and recover affected files after an attack thanks to the snapshot feature.

Protecting Careless Remote Desktop Users From Scams

Phishing, vishing, smishing and other types of online scams are not about to stop. Fake emails, fake marketing, fake websites... The list of ways to get access to key information and important files to exploit their data is long. It is therefore the responsibility of admins to correctly protect remote access and Windows sessions in order to prevent irredeemable damage to businesses due to the unawareness of the users.

Advanced Security offers several features in order to decrease the internal risks of Remote Desktop use as much as possible:

  • Windows Permissions Management: With a display of network users and folders access side by side, this feature is an easy way to inspect and edit permissions per users or groups of users. The options are read only, deny, modify or own .

  • One click to Secure Desktop : It allows locking the remote working environment per user and groups of users with three standards levels of protection, from default Windows mode to Secure Desktop and full Kiosk modes, and to go further with customization options.

  • Working Hours: It enables access restriction and automatic session disconnection according to custom time slots per users and groups of users, such as forbidding users to connect to the server at night or during weekends.

Preventing Hackers From Stealing Corporate Data

The global financial crisis is pushing cybercriminals to improve their techniques to take advantage of the situation.

With this problem in mind, TSplus recently developed the Hacker IP Protection : a great feature that instantly blocks over 613 million IPs identified as threats from day one of use. This list of well-known authors of online attacks, on-line service abuse, malware, botnets and other cybercrime activities is updated daily using multiple sources in the security community.

Next, the Brute-Force Defender feature automatically blocks fraudulent attempts to connect to a session using wrong credentials. To complete this security, the Homeland Protection allows the restriction of access per geographic areas. Admins can easily define which countries are considered as safe to connect. Finally, Endpoint protection is a quick way to restrict access per registered device and to prevent the wrong people from accessing sensitive corporate data.

Blocked IPs from bots and malicious sources are listed in the IP Management tab for easy administration.

TSplus Advanced Security is now available in version 6.4 with enhanced features. For more information, the changelog can be consulted online .

Update now or download the 15-day trial version from the website.


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