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Web-enable your Business

TSplus Remote Access allows you to securely web-enable your business applications for your clients to access them remotely via any browser or our Seamless Remote App. It also provides online access to a shared desktop session containing the tools and documents your teams need to collaborate remotely, on any device and browser.

Remote Access Software

Features at a Glance

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A Feature-rich Solution

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Remote desktop access

Any RDP compatible client can connect to a TSplus System.

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Application delivery

Publish applications per user or per group of users.

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Seamless RemoteApp

Users access all their applications from their desktop.

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Universal printer

Print from any location without installing any printer driver.

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Simple admin tool

Server configuration and windows features in one interface.

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Active directory support

Control access to Windows apps per user and groups.

client generator icon

Portable client generator

Single-click connection to the remote server.

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Open on client

Open work document and fileson the user side.

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Web access

Built-in HTTP web server to connect from any browser.

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PC, tablet & mobile

Built-in HTML5 client to access applications from any device.

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Secure web tunnel

Built-in HTTPS web and SSH servers for encrypted connection.

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Web applications portal

Users access their apps through the icon on the web portal.

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Web credentials

Users connect with a simple pin code or their email address.

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Customizable web portal

Webmaster toolkit to brand your company access page.

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Gateway portal

Access multiple servers and assign servers to users/groups.

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Load balancing

Split the load between servers and set up failover servers.

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Included in your trial

Perpetual Licences Pricing

Desktop Edition

Price from*
£ 115

per server
  • Remote Desktop Access
  • Application Delivery
  • Remote Printing

Web Mobile Edition

Price from*
£ 160

per server
  • Desktop Edition
  • Web Portal
  • HTML5 Client

Enterprise Edition

Price from*
£ 185

per server
  • Web Mobile Edition
  • Farm Manager
  • Gateway
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* Prices of “Up to 3 concurrent users” licences converted from USD to GBP.

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gabriel I.
06:33 12 May 23
a very easy solution to transform desktop applications into SaaS applications (directly accessible via the web)
Helgard S.
06:54 06 Jul 22
Support from TSPlus is always prompt and helpful. I strongly recommend the product and the support people.
Jared E.
15:19 10 Jun 22
Great product for connecting multiple users to a Windows server. Much less expensive than purchasing Windows Server Licenses.
JOEL (Joel Dominic D A.
12:22 09 Jun 22
Best low cost solution for remote access to your windows apps.
Vinal Singh H.
12:38 06 Jun 22
Recently we had an issue with universal printing and i must say that TSPLUS team has resolved the issue in a timely manner. I was also pleasantly surprised by TSPLUS team member doing a remote login... to assist with my issue as i wasn't sure what to expect when we purchased their product. So far I am pleased with their support and in the very near future we are planning on buying another TSPLUS more
sun G.
07:56 03 May 22
Your product and your support team are excellent. It helps a lot, I appreciate it.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, our licenses are permanent !

After you purchase your license, you will be able to enjoy TSplus without time limitation. However, we strongly recommend that you subscribe to our Update and Support services (the fee is a small percent of your license’s price).

The Update and Support services include our worldwide license re-hosting, ticket/Email support service, Forum access, FAQ, tutorial support and the right to install and to use any new release, patch and updates.

The short answer is yes!

Our remote desktop access software is entirely secure. To add an extra layer of security to your remote work infrastructure, we recommend combining TSplus Remote Access with TSplus Advanced Security.

TSplus Advanced Security is our advanced security software specifically designed for remote access security.

When you purchase TSplus Remote Access Enterprise Plus, TSplus Advanced Security is included.

Yes, you will find all the information you need in our knowledge base, in our user guides and in the deployment support emails that you will receive.

TSplus remote desktop access software are easy to deploy, but if you still face difficulties, our support team will be happy to help you.

Of course, we will be happy to help. Simply contact us using this form.
Yes, our flagship remote desktop access software is fully-featured. TSplus Universal Printer allows you to print from anywhere from any device.

Enterprise Plus contains all of our most powerful tools, including Advanced Security Ultimate Protection, TSplus Server Genius, TSplus 2 Factor-Authentication and TSplus Enhanced Virtual Printer!

Essentially, it is designed to create a fully secure remote work environment for your business. And that’s not all! Enterprise Plus is the best value for money software you can get; it costs a fraction of the price of alternatives like Citrix or Microsoft.

To try it, simply download the TSplus Remote Access trial; it includes the Enterprise Plus fully-featured edition.

Absolutely, we work with over 5,000 business partners worldwide in different capacities. Servicing your client with one of our remote desktop access software is, therefore, possible. To do so, simply apply to become a UK reseller. We recommend that you download the free trial to confirm that our solution is right for your clients.
Key features Desktop Web Mobile Enterprise

Remote Desktop Access

Enables any Windows Server to remotely deliver applications and user desktops.

Application Delivery

Users can remotely access the applications they need.

Remote Printing

Print remotely from anywhere and from any device.

Web Portal and HTML5 Client

Access your Windows applications and desktops through any browser and any device, without a plugin or app to install on the device.

Farm Manager and Gateway

Manage your farm of servers and access them through SSO.

Scalable deployment

Automatically distributes new incoming connections to the least loaded server of the farm and add new servers if required.
Available add-ons Desktop Web Mobile Enterprise

Advanced Security - Essentials

Add an extra layer of security to your servers. (Brute force defender, IP management, Homeland and working hours protection.)

Advanced Security - Ultimate

The ultimate cybersecurity toolbox for maximum security. (All features from Essentials + Ransomware protection, Endpoint protection, Permissions and Access policies management.)

2-Factor Authentication

Protect your servers and data with 2FA for incoming remote connections. Available offline and on multiple devices.
More features Desktop Web Mobile Enterprise

TSplus Administrator Tool (AdminTool)

Some extra informations about this feature.

Concurrent connections support

Some extra informations about this feature.

Application Control per user and/or per groups

Some extra informations about this feature.

TSplus Remote Taskbar / Floating Panel

Some extra informations about this feature.

TSplus Portable Client Generator

Some extra informations about this feature.

Seamless and RemoteApp connection clients

Some extra informations about this feature.

Fully compliant with RDP protocol

Some extra informations about this feature.

Dual Screen support, bi-directional Sound, RemoteFX

When compatible with Windows version.

Local and Remote connection support

Some extra informations about this feature.

Workgroup and Active Directory users support

Some extra informations about this feature.

Connection from any web browser with TSplus HTTP Web Server

Some extra informations about this feature.

Secured connection from any web browser with TSplus HTTPS Web Server and SSH server

Some extra informations about this feature.

Windows and HTML5 web access clients included in the HTML logon files

Some extra informations about this feature.

Easy connection from iPhone/iPad and Android devices

Some extra informations about this feature.

Customizable logon web page with TSplus Webmaster Toolkit

Some extra informations about this feature.

With TSplus Web Applications Portal, access your applications list inside any web browser

Some extra informations about this feature.

Connect with just an e-mail or a pin-code with TSplus Web Credentials

Some extra informations about this feature.

Connect on your Web Portal with TSplus Web App on any device

Some extra informations about this feature.

TSplus farm of servers (one license per server)

Some extra informations about this feature.

Unlimited number of users working concurrently on a scalable Load-Balanced architecture

Some extra informations about this feature.

Single Enterprise Portal to access all your TSplus servers

Some extra informations about this feature.

Assign one or several Application Server(s) to users or groups

Some extra informations about this feature.

Load Balancing and Failover support

Some extra informations about this feature.