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远程存取和 Web 入口网站的全能解决方案


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TSplus 的全球组织

TSplus 东亚地区


Alan Yang
微信: alan93
Line ID: fei321
微信: jessiechu321 (中国税票洽询窗口)

The company is privately held, and its headquarter is located in France. It is structured as an international cluster of companies operating all over the World. As so, TSplus international operations are split into 10 Regions:

  • TSplus Headquarters
  • TSplus USA/Canada
  • TSplus Latin America
  • TSplus Central Europe
  • TSplus South Europe
  • TSplus Eastern Europe
  • TSplus Middle-East
  • TSplus South Asia
  • TSplus South-East Asia
  • TSplus Eastern Asia

Each TSplus Region is privately held by its Regional Director and is acting as a Business Unit with its own profit center.
In each country worldwide, TSplus distributors, partners, and resellers communicate regularly with their Regional Director.


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