Terminal Service Plus

遠端存取和 Web 入口網站的全功能解決方案

TSplus 附加元件: RDS-Knight (遠端桌面安全軟體)

When it comes to exposing Remote Desktop Protocol to direct connections, you need a solid secure server to protect your systems against remote attackers. Due to the innovative techniques available for modern cyber-criminals and a use-after-free vulnerability in the Microsoft solution, hackers from all across the globe can easily access login credentials anywhere at all, carry out ransomware attacks and run arbitrary code on the targeted systems.

Meanwhile, our team of qualified experts has worked hard to secure your remote desktop access. Born from the clear understanding of the problem, RDS-Knight offers advanced functionality and makes the use of remote access in your daily routine as safe as possible. Now, with RDS-Knight you can easily manage the entire fleet of workstations even if you are a thousand miles away.

Remember, HACKERS AND MALICIOUS BOTS NEVER SLEEP. With RDS-Knight, you can hook into your workstation anytime, anywhere without the fear of external attacks. Add this outstanding tool to your arsenal, and use remote access to its full potential.

RDS-Knight 分為以下兩個版本:

  • RDS-Knight Security Essentials 是重要的安全性套件,其重點在於通過三項基本保護措施將遠端連線保持在一個安全的地方,供所有用戶使用。 這是每個 RDS 管理員都需要的高效「全方位」安全性解決方案。

  • RDS-Knight Ultimate Protection 是基於 Essentials 版: 它提了兩個額外的保護功能,旨在鎖定 RDS 伺服器並防止任何可能導致組織出現故障的違規。 每個用戶和每個群組可以採用不同的措施。 它是保護大型環境的基本屏障,在具有多個連線的伺服器上執行。

  • 包含的功能如下所述。


360 degree approach


RDS-Knight 提供 5 個主要防護:

  • 防止境外攻擊者開啟工作階段。 (兩個版本都有)
  • 禁止使用者在特定時間連線。(Security Essentials 版只能對所有使用者設定)
  • 防止暴力攻擊。 (兩個版本都有)
  • 提供高安全的使用者環境。 (只在 Ultimate Protection 版)
  • 限制個別裝置存取。 (只在 Ultimate Protection 版)


Geo-Restriction for RDP

RDP 的地理位置限制

Your users are located in USA, UK and Canada offices. Why anyone should be able to open a session from China, India, Iran, or Germany?

In a snap with RDS-Knight, you protect your RDS servers from any attackers trying to open a session from foreign countries. This is extremely simple and so powerful. Just do it!

這個功能包含在 RDS-Knight Security Essentials

Protect your Servers At Night


Of course, your users should be free to connect and to work when they are at their desks. However, why would they be allowed to open a session at midnight?

With RDS-Knight, you can specify the working time of the day when each of your user or group are allowed to open sessions. It will be so easy and amazingly nice to enhance your security policies.

這個功能包含在 RDS-Knight Security Essentials (只能對所有使用者設定)。

Block Brute-force Attacks


If your Windows server is publicly available on Internet, then there is a 100% probability that hackers, network scanners and brute force robots are trying to guess your Administrator login and password – as we speak. Using current logins and password dictionaries, they will automatically try to login to your server hundreds to thousands times every minute. Not only this is bad for your server’s security, but it can also consume a lot of its resources (CPU and bandwidth)!

Stop the constant attacks right now with RDS-Knight brute-force attacks defender. It will instantly protect your server by monitoring Windows failed login attempts and automatically blacklist the offending IP addresses after several failures. Moreover, you can of course configure it to match your needs.

這個功能包含在 RDS-Knight Security Essentials

One Click to Set User Rights Policies


Windows is providing many powerful GPOs but it will cost you several days to enforce the expected security rules. Most of us are not comfortable enough with such kind of system restriction policies; as a result we give up on it or we select only few of them.

In one click, RDS-Knight will enforce for you the best security practice. In few minutes, you will get the best level of security that you expect to achieve for your Remote Desktop user’s environment. It is as easy to do it “user per user”, or to set it up “per group”. More than a time-saver to protect your server, RDS-Knight is providing you more security without complexity.

這個功能只在 RDS-Knight Ultimate Protection 提供。

Device Protection


Why should a hacker be able to use a stolen Windows credential to open a session from any device? This should be prevented. The EndPoint Protection is the right answer. It will bind the user’s credential to the user’s own device.

How does that work? RDS-Knight will record the user’s device name at his first connection. The administrator can decide to restrict access for this logon to that recorded device’s name. Doing so, any attempt to connect from another device will be automatically detected and rejected.

RDS-Knight web 介面與平板 (iPad, Android, Surface...) 和手機 (iPhone, Android, Windows...) 完整相容。

這個功能只在 RDS-Knight Ultimate Protection 提供。

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RDS-Knight 最新的主要版本。 使用 RDS-Knight,可以立即完全保護您的遠端桌面服務伺服器!

這個試用版包含 RDS-Knight Ultimate Protection 所有功能,免費試用 14 天。

下載 RDS-Knight 試用版


RDS-Knight is your perfect ally for TSplus Protection. This best-in-class program is the next-generation security tool that will keep your remote connections completely safe.

Benefit from our special add-on discount prices and protect your RDS Servers in only 5 min!



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