TSplus.net Presents its Range of Remote Access Solutions with a New Design

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On Monday, May 3rd, TSplus updated its corporate website tsplus.net with a fresh new look. The redesign has been in process for the last three months, with one objective in mind: presenting the new range of TSplus software for Remote Access, Cyber Security and Network Administration, in a clear and professional way. The new TSplus Website is aimed to strengthen TSplus company brand recognition as a worldwide technological leader in remote access solutions for IT professionals.

Remote Desktop and Security: TSplus 14.70 Has it All

Cloud security

Over the past months, the development team at TSplus has been hard at work to release frequent updates, focusing on improving user experience and Remote Desktop Security. With great feedback from business owners, IT admins and end users, TSplus has continued to roll out fixes, improvements and new features to keep Version 14 as the best Remote Desktop solution. Read on for a quick look at the latest 14.70 release.

Remote Desktop for Windows 10: How to use TSplus

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In the past few weeks, Microsoft has released an array of updates. This is always a precarious situation for those heavily invested in the Windows ecosystem, including the use of Remote Desktop Protocol with Windows 10. TSplus, a cost attractive and simple alternative to Windows RDS, develops weekly updates that specifically target compatibility and stability changes introduced by MS updates.

RDS Web Access from Any Device with TSplus Web App

TSplus web application portal

Check our TSplus’ new video featuring the Web App, the easiest RDS Web Access to your office Applications. Connect to your office in a click from any device and OS thanks to this HTML5 remote desktop solution.

TSplus Remote Desktop لنظام التشغيل Windows أو Mac أو Linux

العمل من المنزل

يعد برنامج TSplus أسهل طريقة لتمكين remote desktop واتصالات التطبيقات من أي مكان وأي جهاز. من خلال تقديم كل من عميل الخادم الطرفي الكلاسيكي والوصول إلى HTML5 ، يمكن استخدام حلنا على جميع أنظمة التشغيل من Windows إلى Mac و Linux.